Graduation Class of 2017

Let me give my warmest congratulations to the class of 2017. The class of 2017 have been amazing, with excellent dedication to all they do, in sports, drama, community service and many more activities.

There are some colorful characters who were in this class. Rodney does know how to debate with anyone but in a quiet and soft way, was loved by many and could command all the respect from peers. I know Jaramogi must have played more pranks than anyone else in the BTEC class. Jeremy could miss everything but not the football match with the Under 17 team. A great U17 Team Captain we had. All of the characters have helped bond the class into a group that have worked and played together.

 As individuals they were a hardworking and dedicated group who have thoroughly deserved the success. As a class I have noticed how helpful they were to each other, to teachers and the school. They pulled together many times for charity work. Class of 2017, a class of academic giants and students with great social characteristics.

From the teachers’ perspective each class has its challenges. But this group gave them a high level of satisfaction gained by working with some great group students.The teachers were dedicated, hardworking and devoted to the students. Let me thank all of them for their efforts.

The school itself was an amazing place in everything. If it was only bricks and mortar that counted, then we have fine buildings. But it is not just that, it is the people!

The school stands for academic excellence, maximizing the potential of each child while contributing to the community. These grounding principles have remained and they remain to guide the vibrant way the school is run.

A big thank you to the families of the graduates. They gave us so much support and time. It was such an engaging and a very outstanding group!

I always find it very sad to say goodbye to the graduates. However, life must move on I take comfort in being sure all of them will flourish. There is a big world out there waiting for their talents. Once again congratulations class of 2017.