Cultural Day 2018

Cultural Day at Braeside involves students, teachers and parents who create, participate and celebrate culture and art in our community. Our students are welcome and encouraged to celebrate our diversity by performing activities in class and in assembly.

Our students dressed in attires from different cultures and nationalities across the world. In Braeside, we have such a rich culture based on different nationalities represented at the school. We are a proud international school with over 50 nationalities represented at the school. What a rich culture we have!

Cultural day is a chance where we celebrate each other with our different and unique backgrounds. Students have an opportunity to showcase diversity through multiculturalism in arts, music, fashion and food. Braeside High School marked it’s 2018 Cultural Day on 23rd March with spectacular cultural events to appreciate cultures beyond our borders. The day was remarkable with students and staff beaming in their colourful native attires that showcased different cultures from across the globe.

 With these activities and attires, our students and staff demonstrated and promoted virtues of a united and one school - Braeside. Amazing displays and activities depicting the culture of various nationalities highlighting their food, customs and tradition was truly captured at the school.  Indeed the moments and events by the students was commendable. Cultural Day celebration should be a termly event!