Early Years Foundation Stage Update


Last week was quite exciting in Crèche as the children explored more about Teddy Bears. We started off the week with a pretend bear hunt at the A- Level area where the children eagerly followed a trail of paws in the forest and finally, at the end of the path, found a teddy bear. Some used their binoculars to look for more bears as others took photos of the teddy bear.

The story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ gave us opportunities to have discussions on what bears eat and learn names of different colours. We then created a sensory tub with soapy water and Lego where the children pretended to be bears fishing for their food. We also dramatised the story and the children willingly retold some parts of it as they sequenced the order of the animals.

To crown it all up, we had a show and tell session and a picnic. The children brought their favourite teddy bear and talked about them as they enjoyed their picnic at the wheeled area.

This week we shall learn some bear songs and bake bear cookies.


As we continue learning about different means of transport, last week we looked at pictures of some modes used in the water. We focused on ships, boats, ferries and submarines.  The discussions enabled the children to learn new words such as; sail, oars, mast and buoyancy force.

The children were thrilled to go on a pretend voyage in a boat.  They rowed it using oars while singing the song, “Row row row your boat…”

Did you know?

As a ship displaces or pushes the water out of the way, the displaced water wants to return to its original location but it can’t because that’s where the ship is now, so the water pushes the ship upwards. The force which pushes the ship up is called ‘buoyancy’ hence it floats.

We also compared weights of objects and used mathematical language to compare heavy and light by weighing various natural materials in our environment. The children were surprised to find out that some objects may be small in size but heavy in weight.

This week, we shall focus on airplanes and link this to various textures.


Last week was full of exciting activities as the children energetically participated in assembling simple machines such as inclined planes and see-saws using available resources both in and outdoors.

They started off by planning for their inventions with their team members, chose the resources needed and went ahead to make their models. A number of mathematical concepts were displayed during these activities. Language such as heavier than, besides, next to and under among many others were being used. The children were also able to relate the shapes of the machines to real life objects as they described features and compared one to another.

We also discussed a few other common machines such as wheel barrows, washing machines and weighing scales which enabled the children to describe their features and functions. We then came up with a list of items we can carry, wash and weigh using these machines.

The children have been applying their phonic skills quite well while attempting reading and writing activities. Kindly continue to support us by engaging your child in fun filled activities which gives them opportunities to enhance these skills further.

This week, we shall continue learning about machine operators and engineers.