Welcome to Term 3

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Braeside School

Welcome Back

It is good to have invigorated Braestars and teachers back for the last leg of the year. The term planner is full of exicting learning and co-curricular acitvities. A warm welcome to new families and Braestars that have joined us this term. Karibuni Sana!

Annual Target

I commend Braestars for upholding a Growth Mindset in line with our Annual Target. A review of the same during the whole school assembly confirmed that they are living up to it even at home. Below are a few cliparts that you might find helpful as you sustain the discussion at home.

“The SMARTEST people are the ones who never stopTRYING”

“Don’t stop till you are PROUD”

“My brain is like a muscle. When I exercise it, it gets STRONGER”

School Photos

We have scheduled portrait, class, team and whole school photography in Week 3. Specificic days will be communicated to you in the coming week.

Kind regards,

Gladys Wahinya

Head Teacher Braeside Primary