Primary School Annual English Week

Friday 28th September 2018 marked the end of a very successful Annual English week whose theme was ‘Five days in Africa’.

Students and teachers alike came to school dressed in African attire as an appreciation of our diversity.

Throughout the week, children undertook different activities whose aim was to expose them to African Literature and Authors as a way of developing their reading and writing skills, and inculcating an appreciation of the immediate environment.

We engaged Storymoja, a creative powerhouse with work that spans from content creation to exciting projects based on books. Storymoja’s fun and exciting activities inspire young people in different ways. They also had a chance to sell their story books to the students throughout the week.

Activities during the week included creative story writing and telling, book making, book picnic, fashion show and a play during school assembly. The Year 3 students had a chance to go to Kenya National Theatre to watch Tinga Tinga , the musical.

A big thank you to all who made the week successful, and to the parents for their support in purchasing books for their children.

Kind regards,


Ms. C. Akinyi

English Curriculum Leader