Scouts Training Camp Term 1, 5th - 7th October 2018

5th to 7th October 2018 was such an exciting time for the Sungura scouts (Year 2-6) as they attended the training camp at school. 

The camp was extra special for the new members of the troop as it was their first and had a lot of basics to learn.  The term one camp is also very important because it is a time to lay our ground rules and set new targets for the academic year.

All the scouts had an opportunity to take part in patrol activities, parades, learn scouting games and songs, interact with their peers and adult leaders in a different setting. Scouts Campfire ceremony in the last night of camp is a must because scouts get to learn the meaning of the camp fire, make presentations, dance around the fire and roast marsh-mellows.

Our final fun activity was the always anticipated treasure hunt. It had ten clues and the year 6 boys and girls ‘sixes’ found the treasure. Bravo!

Special thanks to parents for their continued support

Akela Luvai

Sample some of the children’s experiences below;

I liked it when Akela taught us how to make open fire and the balancing games. I loved the breakfast as it was very delicious. Adriana P.

What I liked about the camp is the activities like making fire, treasure hunt and sports. I learnt the scout promise and law. Baraka G.

My best part of the camp was when we roasted mash mellows in the fire. I also made new friends. Alexis M.

Scout camp was fun and cool. I learnt the promise and the law. I enjoyed roasting mash mellows and the activities like rolling the ball. Kanina K.

The camp was fun. I learnt how to make a fire and it was my first scout camp.

Maya N.

My experience in scouting was amazing. I liked the akelas’ way of teaching. The activities were quite good and I hope they don’t change. My favourite activity was when we were working for a badge (Nyota 2)..

Wanjiku M.

I enjoyed the scout camp as a new scout. I got to have more time with my friends. I enjoyed the activities like making fire. I learnt the scout promise, law and prayer.

Moses K.