Year 4 Educational Trip to Meteorological Department

The Year 4 class embarked on an educational trip to the Kenya Meteorological Department in Nairobi on Tuesday, 25th September 2018.

The objective of the trip was to enable the children to have a better understanding of one of the Geography topics they are covering this term, Weather and Climate.

Children got see a number of the weather instruments. They also had a chance to visit the studio where weather reporting is done.

Below are some of the children’s experiences during the trip.

When we visited the Meteorological Department, we got to see weather instruments that we have been learning about in class. We saw a hydrogen balloon and while we let it go, it flew away. We also went to the studio where we got to be on TV.

Wangui M.

I liked the trip because we saw different weather instruments. This trip inspired me to become a weather man when I grow up.

Nathan M.

When we visited the Meteorological Department, we saw different instruments used to measure different things like barometer and rain gauge. We also went to the studio where they report the weather from.

Gail G.

The trip was fun. We learnt more about thermometers and anemometers and we went to a studio where weather men broadcast the weather and we could see ourselves on a TV.

Sekani M.

My trip was great. I got to see a balloon fly up to space. Our tour guide was also very good in explaining what each instrument does.

Mercy S.

I liked the trip because I learnt about weather instruments. I also liked the launching of a balloon and being in the weather studio. I saw a rain gauge and an anemometer.

Emmanuel M.

We learned about weather instruments and what they do, and that they are the same all over the world. We launched a balloon filled with hydrogen.

Melanie K.