Year 5 Trip to Stedmak Gardens, Karen Blixen Museum and Oloolua Nature Trail

Year 5 students had a successful trip to Stedmak Gardens (Animal & Snake Park), Karen Blixen Museum and Oloolua Nature Trail  on Wednesday, 24th October 2018.

Some of the main topics the children are learning this term include Victorian Britain and Life Cycles of Animals.

The trip therefore gave the children an opportunity to enhance their understanding of these topics. Stedmak Gardens had different types of animals and birds.

At Karen Blixen Museum, children learnt the museum’s brief history as follows;

Built in 1912, Karen Blixen Museum was home to Danish Author, Poet and Artist - Karen Blixen.

Made famous by the Oscar Award winning film ‘Out of Africa’, based on Karen’s autobiography by the same title, the then farmhouse was established as a museum in 1986 by the National Museums of Kenya. Karen lived on the farm from 1917 to1931. The museum continues to captivate visitors inspired by Karen’s life story.

Year 5 Team