High School Week 3 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am delighted to update you on the following progress and reminders.

Year 11 Mock Review Meeting

Year 11 students completed their Mock Examinations this week and are waiting for the results that will be released on Tuesday, 29th January. We are therefore asking the year 11 parents to come for a review meeting on the same Tuesday, 29th January in the school dining hall from 4:00pm. It is important that all  students attend with their parents/guardians, so that teachers have an opportunity to discuss how we can support students towards their results. School attendance by Year 11’s is mandatory for the remainder of the term.

May/June Examination Fees Reminder

Please make arrangements to make the payment by Friday, 1st February 2019 at the very latest.

Year 9 Options

Year 9 students have started serious discussions with their teachers, heads of departments and career experts about subject options that they would like to take at IGCSE. We would like to urge all Year 9 parents to be part of this process through deliberate follow ups on the tentative career choices and the relevant subject options. We encourage students to take a wide range of subjects that leaves future options open with regard to study and career.

Academic Concerns Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who have attended the meetings. Those students involved should now be working hard towards the targets that were set by themselves and their teachers. These targets will be followed up at the Parents Consultation Evenings which will take place after the half term break.

John Garrod and David Anderson Football Tournament

Braeside School performed extremely well as the girls team were top in their pool having won 3 and drawn 1. They lost in the semis to eventual winners ISK. Boys were 3rd in their pool having won 3 and lost 2.

U15 Girls Hockey vs Rusinga                                   Braeside won 2-0

U15 Girls Hockey vs NIS                                           Braeside won comprehensively

U15 Boys Hockey vs NIS                                           Braeside won comprehensively

Braeside A Boys vs GEMS won 4-0                          Braeside Boys B vs Hillcrest won 2-0

Braeside A Boys vs Hillcrest lost 0-2                       Braeside Girls A vs Gems won 2-0

Braeside B Girls vs Hillcrest lost 1-1                        Braeside Girls A vs Hillcrest Draw 0-0

Best wishes!

Mr. Henry Oboo

Deputy Headteacher - Academics