High School Week 4 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have successfully come to the end of week 4 of this term. It has been a busy week for our students with many activities around the school.


The IGCSE mocks came to a close last week on Tuesday the 22nd January. Students  received their results during a well-attended parents’ teacher conference on Tuesday the 29th January.  The year 11s are strongly advised to refocus and work  towards improving their grades in the final examinations. Teachers are now focused on strategic individual and group revision programs based on the mock results.Some areas of concern identified by the school which parents could assist in mitigating include:

  • A general lack of mental presence among some candidates that they are closing in on a major exam soon.
  • Time wasted in online games especially late at night, affecting study and rest times for candidates.
  • Negative role modelling and influences. Some social events need not be the  focus of year 11 students at this point, this is purely a time to work on their academics.

GCE A2 and AS Mocks

The GCE mock exams are underway starting this week Thursday 31st January to next week Wednesday 6th February. Students are  expected to be in school even on days when they don’t have an exam.

Registration for IGCSE/GCE Examinations                                                

NOTE: Students are now receiving final entry information from Cambridge. These should be checked and signed by both the candidate and the parent/guardian. Thank you to those parents who have finalised registration payments.

Fire Drill                                                                                                       

We had a successful unannounced fire drill on Wednesday this week. The turnaround time for all sections of the school was greatly improved this time around. The expanded bridge from the upper school made movement of students and staff to the assembly points a lot easier and faster.                                               


The MSMUN conference is currently underway this week from the 29th January to the 1st February at the UN - Gigiri. This brings together students aged 11-13 years from all across the East and Southern Africa. Students discuss global issues relating to sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations. We are proudly and ably being represented by a group of year 7-9 students.                                   

Sociology Trip                                                                                                  

A group of year 10 and 12 students were at IPSOS - Synovate for the Sociology day trip on Wednesday the 30th January. The aim of this trip was to expose them to the application of the theory and methods in a research firm.

Swimming Gala

The KS3 swimming gala invitation will be on Tuesday, 5th February 2019 from 9.50am to 12.40pm while the KS4 swimming gala is on Thursday, 7th February 2019 from 10.40am to 12.40pm

Thank You

A big thank you to Mrs. Phyllis Wakiaga the CEO Kenya Manufacturers Association (KMA) for a fantastic mentorship talk to our Year 7 students.

Wishing you a good weekend. 


Mr. Bernard Wandabwa

Assessment Coordinator