Wellness Week

Monday, 29th January – Friday, 1st February 2019 marked our Wellness week.

We started off with a Zumba session at the school car park on Monday morning.

The session was attended by children from Crèche – Year 6, teachers and parents as well. The main aim of the week was to cultivate a ‘Wellness Culture’ in our students.

Throughout the week, there were discussions regarding the importance of healthy eating and exercise. In some year groups, children were required to research on their favourite Kenyan sports personalities. They have learnt some amazing facts.

Different organizations sent representatives to speak to the children as well.

These included; Lifebuoy, Weetabix, iHub Research, Watoto Watch Network, Optica and Heritage Insurance Company.

What did you learn during the wellness week?

I enjoyed the wellness week because we did Zumba. Someone from Weetabix showed us how to make a ‘weetabuddy’.

Imani M.

I enjoyed the wellness week especially the Zumba session. Can we have more exercises for fitness every Monday at the car park or big field?

Stacey R.

The week was fun, I wish it happens for a month! I really hope it will happen again.

There was so much to learn.

Brianna K.

On Friday, children came dressed up in their favourite sports personality attire.

We thank parents for their unending support and for making the week a success.

Let us continue encouraging the children to live a healthy life beyond the wellness week.