Primary School Week 2 Newsletter

Dinky Charge

This year’s exciting fundraiser themed as a mini Rhino Charge was held on Friday, 3rd May 2019 to raise money in support of Rhino Ark. Bravo to the forty Braestars who participated.

Why support the Rhino Ark Charity?

To engage Braestars to raise funds in a participated and entertaining way while drawing their attention to the work of the Kenyan-based conservation charity – Rhino Ark. Rhino Ark erects electrified fences around vital mountain ranges in Kenya to protect the crops and local communities from wildlife damage while providing much needed protection to some of Africa’s iconic and threatened species.

Why A Dinky Charge?

The challenge is modelled on this year’s annual four-wheel-drive Rhino Charge in Kenya, but in our Dinky Charge, the children instead race modified dinky cars around a number of laid out courses, while trying to avoid time-penalties and within the rules set out.

Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Inspection

This week we will host eight international school inspectors in school for four days starting today. They will be coming from three different continents and all under the banner of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). The purpose of the visit is to ensure that what we do is internationally acceptable and that we are amongst the very top international schools around the globe.

It ensures that we receive the required investment to upgrade our school facilities and that we maintain the very highest level of pupil safety and supervision. It will scrutinise all of our staff both teachers and administrative section and report on the quality of education that we deliver. The final report will be made public and so everyone will see the current independent consensus on how well we are developing and of course any area where we could improve further. I hope very much that the whole process will be a positive one that furthers development at Braeside and gives us all confidence in what we are doing. There will be absolute minimum disruption to the normal teaching and learning programme.

Mr. I. Stamp Executive Head

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Gladys Wahinya    

Head teacher Braeside Primary