High School Week 11 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Wow! This is the only way I can describe the feeling amongst teachers and students at the end of the academic year. It has been such a busy year, no wonder weeks went by so fast.

Let me take this opportunity to thank each one of you for the support you accorded us as a school and the students to make this academic year such a successful year. Most, if not all our targets for this year were achieved! Please congratulate your children too at home as they enjoy the hard earned summer holiday. They deserve a rest but with some holiday work to keep them busy.


Secondly, I wish to bring to your attention that Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 end of term reports will be sent in the course of next week. Please go through the report with your son/daughter and see areas of improvement but also congratulate them where they have done well. It is very  important that you go through the report with your child.

Prize Presentation

We held our Annual Prize Presentation on Thursday, 4th July 2019. It was a very colourful event and a big thank you to all Parents/Guardians who came to celebrate the successes of their child(ren).

School Uniform

I wish to bring to your attention that the old uniform will no longer be used in the coming year. This affects those students who continued to enjoy the one year changeover period.

I continue to request and remind parents that lost property is becoming a challenge in the school due to lack of labels (names) on student’s uniform. At the point of purchase, please insist that the uniform is labelled with two names. This is an agreement we as a school reached with the uniform suppliers. They will do this at no cost.

Well Being Holiday Camps

There are some good programs on offer during the holiday by some providers we have used before. I can recommend your child to them. They have exciting programs. See attached fliers and choose a program which might benefit your child.

Opening Dates

The school opens on Tuesday, 27th August 2019. Mark this date in your diary.

Wishing the Braestars a restful summer holiday. Please keep them busy and safe throughout the holiday.


Mr. Wallen Nyamota