2022-2023 Annual Target

15th September 2022

THRIVE as a target will challenge all of us to remain on the path of growth, development, prosperity, making strides, doing our best in all areas of our lives.

The school and class assemblies so far have been focusing on unpacking what the word THRIVE means and how best Braestars can make this a reality in all spheres of their school life. Parents' support in embedding the same at home is anticipated and appreciated.

Sustainable Development Goals for 2022-2023

We have chosen three Sustainable Development Goals that support the THRIVE target and these will be covered as follows;

TErm 1 SDG.png
Term 1 SDG
TErm 2 SDG.png
Term 2 SDG
Term 3 SDG.png
Term 3 SDG
Cambridge International Examinations
BTEC Level 3
GL Education Assessment Excellence
Association of International Schools in Africa
Independent Schools Inspectorate
Council of British International Schools
Council of International Schools