High School Week 9 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have successfully come to the end of a very busy week, a week where our learners were sitting for their End of Year Exams.

Work Experience

As part of our curriculum, our Year 10 students will be out of school for a week long on work related learning (work experience). Year 10 parents, kindly ensure that your child attends this very important experience. The work experience week will run from Monday, 24th June to Friday, 28th June 2019.

All students have been placed in various organisations and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you parents and our partners for ensuring that all our students have a work placement.

Teachers will  be going round next week to visit the students and see how they are fairing on. 

All Year 12’s completed their work experience on Friday, 21st June 2019. They are expected to be in school from Monday, 24th June 2019 for normal lessons.

World Scholars

We are pleased to inform you that we sent a group of students for the World Scholars Cup Global Round year in Beijing, China. This enrichment program is  designed to connect students with adult members of the community who assist them in developing their goals, confidence, and training that will enable them to positively contribute to society. It brings together students in a fantastic championship that revolves around debate, talent show, collaborative writing, scholars bowl and scavenger hunt.

Return of Library Books

We wish to remind Year 11, Year 13 BTEC and A-Level to return library books by Friday, 28th June 2019.

Sixth Form Graduation

The Year 13 Class of 2019 graduated from High School on the 18th of June 2019. We wish them all the best as they step out to a new life and phase.

Next Week’s After School Activities

There will be no after school sports coaching next week. We will only have the  final after school club session on Wednesday at 3.45pm to 4.45pm.

Sports Fixtures

We wish our sports teams all the best in all fixtures and tournaments lined up this weekend. A big thank you to our games department for their dedication.

Good luck to the Under 13 Boys Ndume Sevens Rugby at Pembroke.

Wishing you a good weekend.


Mr. Joel Ndung’u

Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral


High School Week 8 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Week seven has been busy and full of major activities where the students were fully engaged.

End of Year Examinations

End of year examinations started this week for Year 10’s while Year 7, 8 and 9 start next week. We encourage all students to plan and prepare well for the examinations. We wish them success.

Taster Days

The year 6 class had a short experience in high school.  The taster days were Monday, 10th and Tuesday, 11th June 2019. They are a unique class with an impressive sense of focus. They are quite engaging, highly inquisitive, lively and good to be with. During the reflection time, they expressed their love for high school after the few lessons they had attended. Their best moments were having time at the canteen and attending high school classes. We wish them well and look forward to receiving them come September, next academic year.

Tea Time Concert

On Thursday, 13th June 2019 we hosted our Annual Tea Time Concert where students displayed their prowess in playing the different musical  instruments. A big thank you to the parents and guardians who came to support our Braestars.

Sixth Form Graduation Ceremony

We invite you to our 6th Form graduation ceremony on Tuesday, 18th June from 1:00pm in the School Theatre. Come celebrate with us as we send them out for specialised education and a wonderful future. 

From the Sports Desk

The U13 Netball team participated in the U13 Nairobi Academy Netball Tournament where they displayed a good performance against tough  opponents and eventually winning the shield.

The U15 Girls Netball and U15 Boys Rugby will take part in the Turi Rugby and Netball Tournaments this weekend on 15th June 2019.

Wishing you a good weekend.


Mr. Martin Aguko

Head of Games

































Junior Girls Junior Boys

Overall Winning House











High School Week 7 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am pleased to note that the last part of this term has started on top gear. The warm interaction between our students and staff is quite motivating. One would think that the term has just started since each learner is showing a great sense of enthusiasm in all activities.

Parents Consultations

This week, we have had parents’ consultations for the year 7, year 8 and year 10. The aim was to bring the parents up to date on the performance and conduct of their children. We encourage all our parents to be available on such days to keep our children motivated and guided.

End of Term Exams

Research has shown that exams are a source of stress and discomfort among the young people. As we prepare for the end of year exams, which will be comprehensive, we ask that you support the children as they revise their notes.Encourage them to prepare adequately.

Mathematics Contest

On 6th June 2019, these 4 students, Serah N. Year 7S, Andrea K. Year 7C, Hafsah C. Year 8C and Wanjiku W. Year 8N represented the school in the Junior Mathematics Challenge held in The Nairobi Academy. The event was in two stages; Individual challenge and team challenge. The school was ranked third out of the nine schools that attended.

Key Stage 3 and 4 Debate

Yesterday, the upper school hosted a discourse on 'Whether democracy is the best form of government' which invited diversely thrilling viewpoints. Vastly, both teams put forward very strong arguments and presented their cases clearly; engaging the audience and firmly rebutting the significant other's case. This follows the middle school debate on 'Whether peer pressure is more useful than harmful'; which was equally captivating. We laud and congratulate our passionate debaters who really exerted themselves to showcase their talent and prowess.

Year 7 Pastoral Trip

During the Mid-term break 70 students of year 7  travelled to Brackenhurst Hotel in Limuru for their pastoral trip. The trip program aimed at helping students to appreciate the beauty of working in teams, building up their ability to make sound decisions, enhancing the  attitude of resilience, understanding the effects (both positive and negative) of social media to young people’s lives and nurturing a sense of  responsibility in caring for what each one of them was carrying along.

They had great fun interacting with the Blue sky Adventures (a team that facilitated the events) especially when they got to the high ropes. A majority of them felt they had overcome a great degree of the fear that makes them not to venture into new horizons in their school life.

From the Sports Desk

The U15 Rugby and Netball teams are preparing for the St. Andrew’s Turi Rugby 7’s and Netball tournaments that are upcoming on 15th June 2019. The U13 Rugby continues to train for the upcoming Ndume 7s on 22nd June 2019 at Pembroke.

We wish the teams all the best as they prepare for the tournaments.

Wishing you a good weekend.


Mr. Wellington Andati

Middle School Coordinator



















High School Week 5 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have come to the end of the first half of term three as indicated in the previously shared calendar of events. As such, I would like to inform you that we are breaking for the scheduled midterm break as from Monday, 27th May 2019 to Friday, 31st May 2019. 

IGCSE/GCE AS & A - Level Examinations

The IGCSE, AS & GCE A-level examination is going on well and we are continuously wishing our candidates the very best. I would therefore  like to appeal to parents whose children are through with examination in one subject or the other to start facilitating the return of the text books to the school library as soon as possible and minimize chances of losing or misplacing the books. 

We would also like request those students who are looking forward to continue with their next level of education (AS/A-level or BTEC Extended Diploma) at Braeside School to formally express their interest by filling the booking form. 

End of Year Examination

Year 7, 8 and 9 students are scheduled for a comprehensive end of year examination as from 17th June 2019 while Year 10 students will be starting their examinations on 12th June 2019. We have issued every student with the end of year examination timetable to enable proper planning and revision.

I would highly encourage parents to monitor closely the academic progress of their children using data on page 79, 111, and 139 of students’ diary, besides using the same information in setting achievable targets for end of year examination. As per the earlier communication, end of year examination will cover every concept/topics that were taught in the entire academic year. This requires early preparation and proper planning.

Entrepreneurship Day

On Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 we had the annual Braeside entrepreneurship day where students exhibited great business ideas and were able to work individually or as a group of registered companies that shared business ideas leading to massive sale of products and provision of services. 

Work Experience

Year 12 students’ work experience is scheduled for 17th June 2019 to 21st June 2019 while year 10 students will go for their work experience as from 24th June 2019 to 28th June 2019.  During this time, students will not attend school, but will instead be at their pre-arranged place of work. 

The process of providing and allocating placements to the students is a long one. We encourage parents/students to seek their own work experience placements in the first instance for full satisfaction. 

Wishing you a happy weekend and a restful midterm break! 


Mr. Henry Oboo

Deputy Headteacher - Academics













High School Week 4 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we come to the end of week 4, I would like to take this chance to thank you for your continued support.

IGCSE and GCE Examinations

The June 2019 examination series is getting to the halfway mark, with students having completed at least one component in every entry at both IGCSE and GCE  levels.  Candidates are encouraged to remain focused and dedicated towards the  examination processes. They should continue being on time for examinations and desisting from any irregular conduct during and after the examinations.

Half Term Week

There are both GCE and IGCSE papers timetabled to run during the half term week (27th to 31st May). Parents and Guardians are advised to assist in ensuring that the candidates attend school on these days. Candidates should come to school in time as directed by the headteacher during the pre-exam briefing. They should be in full school uniform at all times whenever they report for examinations. Candidates taking GCE AS & A Level 9239/03 Global Perspectives & Research Team Project should   attend school during their examination session on Friday the 31st May. They will need to sign the register and other documents relevant to their course work. Candidates will be released after the key times as directed by the examination board.

Mental Health Week

Mental health awareness week starts every year on the second Monday in May. In 2019, it was from 13th to tomorrow, 19th May. In a world that is increasingly opening up to and  understanding those with mental health issues, it’s no surprise that Mental Health Awareness Week is now a firmer fixture on calendars around the world. It focuses on a major issue each year. The theme this year is Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies.  As a school, Braeside focuses on the total wellbeing of our students and this week was marked with lots of activities aimed at raising awareness on mental health issues. The week climaxed with talks from experts on mental health: University of Nairobi medical students, Mental 360 among others. I wish to thank all our guests for taking their time to talk to our students. Together we can end the stigma on mental health. 

BTEC Trip to Tetra Pak

On May 16th 2018 the year 12 BTEC students had a chance to visit a packaging company, Tetra Pak, in Nairobi’s Industrial area. Tetra Pak have been able to develop a range of packages to protect both the  nutritional value and the ​taste of the products. This is what one of the students had to say:

‘‘As the BTEC students had a great time visiting the factory and we enjoyed ourselves. The experience was informative. We learnt new quite a lot about the company, which included a brief history and how the business has been impacted by technology. We had a tour of the factory and were informed on how they source their raw materials,  produce and  distribute their products. The most memorable part of this experience was when we were given bluetooth communication devices that we used when in the noisy factory. The business is concerned about safety and we were given protective gear to use. Tetra Pak has great hospitality and we were able to learn new things through their informative presentations and a very vibrant Q&A session. I was very glad to be part of the trip and I speak on behalf of everyone saying thank you to Tetra Pak for the great experience.’’  Calvin O. Year 12Y

From the Sports Desk

On 11th of May, Braeside participated in the Hillcrest U15 Rugby and U14 Girls Netball. The girls displayed a good   performance throughout their pool games qualifying for the second round where they eventually lost to Hillcrest and Braeburn Garden Estate. The boys performance was excellent. They won all their matches in their pool but lost in the semis. They eventually finished 3rd in the tournament. In the Nanyuki Cross county, Braeside athletes displayed their dominance in the U13 Boys and Girls category.

Tuesday, 14th May 2019

Braeside U15 Boys A Rugby vs Hillcrest Tie  17-17

Braeside U15 Girls B Netball vs Hillcrest Lost 7-6 

Wednesday, 15th May 2019

Braeside U13 Boys A Rugby vs Nairobi Academy Won 42-17

Braeside U13 Girls A Netball vs Nairobi Academy  Won 17-6

Braeside U13 Girls B Netball vs Nairobi Academy  Won 14-4 

Braeburn Nanyuki cross country results;


Geetee T. 1st Position

Andrew M. 2nd Position

Randall G. 3rd Position

Lincoln K. 7th Position 


Nadia Ndibo 1st Position

Braeside emerged 3rd overall.

Have a good weekend.


Mr. Bernard Wandabwa

Assessment Coordinator