Year 4 Educational Trip to Meteorological Department

The Year 4 class embarked on an educational trip to the Kenya Meteorological Department in Nairobi on Tuesday, 25th September 2018.

The objective of the trip was to enable the children to have a better understanding of one of the Geography topics they are covering this term, Weather and Climate.

Children got see a number of the weather instruments. They also had a chance to visit the studio where weather reporting is done.

Below are some of the children’s experiences during the trip.

When we visited the Meteorological Department, we got to see weather instruments that we have been learning about in class. We saw a hydrogen balloon and while we let it go, it flew away. We also went to the studio where we got to be on TV.

Wangui M.

I liked the trip because we saw different weather instruments. This trip inspired me to become a weather man when I grow up.

Nathan M.

When we visited the Meteorological Department, we saw different instruments used to measure different things like barometer and rain gauge. We also went to the studio where they report the weather from.

Gail G.

The trip was fun. We learnt more about thermometers and anemometers and we went to a studio where weather men broadcast the weather and we could see ourselves on a TV.

Sekani M.

My trip was great. I got to see a balloon fly up to space. Our tour guide was also very good in explaining what each instrument does.

Mercy S.

I liked the trip because I learnt about weather instruments. I also liked the launching of a balloon and being in the weather studio. I saw a rain gauge and an anemometer.

Emmanuel M.

We learned about weather instruments and what they do, and that they are the same all over the world. We launched a balloon filled with hydrogen.

Melanie K.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Early Years Foundation Stage children have been busy exploring the different areas of learning. Have a look at what each class was up to during the week as indicated below.

Creche Red

What do T-Rex and Triceratops eat when they are super hungry? Meat, trees, grass and stones. They stomp and march with large feet and rest in their nests when tired. Where do baby dinosaurs come from? From mummies or from eggs? With hats and magnifying glasses – off we go hunting for Dino eggs… Dino eggs in the making - mix some flour, salt, soil and water and Voila! Do dinosaurs brush their teeth and take a bath?

Creche Yellow

Down at the school pond, what did we see? Quack quack ducks.

Little ducks splashing in the water. Quack said a duck and off they all went flapping their wings. Waddle, waddle, waddle to and fro as the children run behind them, collecting feathers from everywhere. Washing the feathers to make them clean but How lucky are ducks to have such a water proof coat. If I had a water proof coat…

Foundation Stage 1 Red

Let’s give the baby a bath - the baby’s hair is so soft – How does your hair feel? Some of our favourite hairstyles - long, short, curly, shaved, afro, plaited. Most girls like long hair, what do boys like? Eating healthy foods and oiling our hair makes them grow long and strong. Blow-dryers make a sound when switched on – what does it sound like? A vacuum cleaner, a blender or a car engine?

Foundation Stage 1 Yellow

Shivers and Goosebumps - cuddling up in my sweater when it is cold! How are sweaters made? Where does the wool come from? Baa Baa Black sheep got three bags of wool. How do we get the wool off the sheep's body? How do they feel when the wool is sheared off? They shiver and tremble - Do you think sheep can wear sweaters? If we had wool on our heads…

Foundation Stage 2 Red

A torch with batteries in the woodlands which is almost going off. Is it bright, dim, faint, or dark?  What can we do for the torch to give out a brighter light? What if the torch refuses to light? Let’s go think! Look! A Cafe! Please may I have some tea in a big mug for mummy, middle sized mug for the sister and a small mug for my baby? Some rectangle shaped cookies would be good too!

Foundation Stage 2 Yellow

Westlands, Kileleshwa, Lavington and South B – some of the names of places where we live. L..l..l..lions live in a de- n. Cartons, sticks, stones, scarves and twigs – let’s make a den for the Lazy Lion. Lions are from the ‘Cat Family,’ which other animals belong to this family? Differences and similarities – spots, stripes, shapes and sizes of heads. What if a pride of lion comes to our school? If I had a pet lion…



Primary School Annual English Week

Friday 28th September 2018 marked the end of a very successful Annual English week whose theme was ‘Five days in Africa’.

Students and teachers alike came to school dressed in African attire as an appreciation of our diversity.

Throughout the week, children undertook different activities whose aim was to expose them to African Literature and Authors as a way of developing their reading and writing skills, and inculcating an appreciation of the immediate environment.

We engaged Storymoja, a creative powerhouse with work that spans from content creation to exciting projects based on books. Storymoja’s fun and exciting activities inspire young people in different ways. They also had a chance to sell their story books to the students throughout the week.

Activities during the week included creative story writing and telling, book making, book picnic, fashion show and a play during school assembly. The Year 3 students had a chance to go to Kenya National Theatre to watch Tinga Tinga , the musical.

A big thank you to all who made the week successful, and to the parents for their support in purchasing books for their children.

Kind regards,


Ms. C. Akinyi

English Curriculum Leader


Primary School Week 3 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Guardians & Friends of Braeside School

Students’ Leadership

The Student Council campaigns and elections took place last week; it was amazing to see eager students take part in school governance. Even those in key stage 1 were not left out in electing their representatives.

Student Council is a representative structure that provides students with an opportunity for involvement in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with all stakeholders. With guidance, the newly elected members will work for the benefit of the school and the Braestars.

Habit 1 from the Seven Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey; ‘We are in charge’ – Braestars being proactive and taking responsibility for their choices.

A few photos of how we exerted positive energy to elect our leaders.


This week the student leaders will share their vision with Mr. Ian Stamp, our Executive Head and Miss Gladys Wahinya, Primary School Headteacher. Hongera to all Braestars who made this a truly democratic process.

Parents’ Meetings

The Year 5 & 6 Parents’ meetings on Thursday closed the curtain to series of meetings to mark the academic year.

We thank parents for their contribution, compliments and comments that will inform our School Improvement.

Kind regards,

Gladys Wahinya

Headteacher Braeside Primary


Primary School Week 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Guardians & Friends of Braeside School

Students' Leadership

The process of prefects' selection culminated with inauguration during last week's whole school assembly. Commendation to all Braestars who expressed an interest in becoming prefects and congratulations to all who emerged successful!

Year 5 Prefects                Year 6 Prefects                   House Captains

Bella O.                             Nina K. (Head Girl)             * Marie-Ange O.      

Jeremy N.                         Sabiti G. (Head Boy)          * Dael O.

Megan M.                         Tahiya H.                             Peres M.

Myles K.                            Almond M.                          Matthew N.

Letesia A.                          J. Da Silva                          Olive K.

Hussein F.                         Amy G.                                Ruth O.

                                           Lucca W.                            Taher W.

                                           Precious B.                        Keynan M.

                                                                                    * (Overall House Captains)

Space Camp at U.S Space and Rocket Science Center, Huntsville Alabama

In July 2018, 27 students and 3 teachers left for Huntsville, USA to attend a summer Space Camp.

Braestars worked in their respective teams to tackle various mission scenarios that required critical problem solving, team building and communication skills. The activities they were involved in included:

  • astronaut training techniques using equipment adapted from NASA’s astronaut programme.
  • construction and launching of rockets.
  • using technology to design a colony built for Mars.

The weeklong educational programme promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

During the graduation, Braeside School was given special recognition for being the first school in East and Central Africa to attend space camp. Team Capricorn members who included Keynan, Michael, Nigel, Milla, Amy, Adjo and Giovanni and peers from other countries were awarded the most outstanding team. This award recognised their ability to work in harmony despite their diversity.

At the graduation, we were cheered by six parents, Mr. & Mrs. Kumah–Kwame, Ms. Waceke, Ms. Ngigi, Mrs. Ghirmay and Mr. Kimanthi.

Bravo to the Braestars who represented Braeside and Kenya with pride and commendable decorum and to the parents for their overwhelming support.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Odipo, Mr. Mwendwa & Ms. Wahinya