Year 6 Taster Days in High School

As their Primary School journey is almost coming to an end, the Year 6 students had two taster days in High School on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th June 2017 organised by the High School's Senior Leadership Team. The children really enjoyed their time and can't wait to be there in September. Their experiences are better told in the photos below.

Braeside High School BTEC student gets an Outstanding Pearson Learner Award

Kevin Kiprotich Biegon received an Outstanding Pearson Learner Award for the remarkable achievement of attaining Distinctions in all 18 units done for BTEC level 3 National Extended Diploma in Business. The highest a learner can attain in the course leading to him attaining 3 Distinction stars (D*D*D*). The award was presented in an awards ceremony held at The Weston Hotel on Saturday, 6th May 2017. Kevin completed his BTEC at Braeside last year, he is now pursuing a degree in International Business Administration at the United States International University. Congratulations to Kevin for making us proud.

The BTEC Awards are an annual opportunity for top BTEC students to be rewarded for their achievements in this skills-based learning.

 What BTECs are offered at Braeside?

 At Braeside we offer BTECs alongside the A Level Course after the Year 11 IGCSEs.

BTEC Extended Diploma in Business and Sports are the two BTEC courses offered at Braeside. These are career-based qualifications designed to give students the skills they need to move on to higher education or go straight into employment.

When combined with academic learning at Braeside BTEC develops a range of practical knowledge and skills which help learners to prepare for life at universities.

Classroom style teaching combined with project work and practical, work-related activities help to develop students' behavioural skills, which can include teamwork, creative thinking and presentation skills.

More employers and Higher Education institutions than ever before are choosing BTEC-qualified candidates for their academic and practical knowledge and skills.

Contact us for more information about the course.

Year 8 Trip to Tafaria Castle

Over the half term weekend, students of Year 8 travelled to Tafaria Castle on their pastoral trip. It was a great experience for them to bonPlanting Treesd and connect with their peers as well as teachers outside the class room setting. They were able to successfully spend two nights and three days there. They participated in fun team activities such as chariot racing, horse riding among others.


Making donationsOn one of their days at Tafaria, the Year 8’s  decided to give back to the community around them by donating books. These books had been collected on a lively book drive back at school to help start a library for the nearby school, Nyambugichi Primary School. It seemed like a simple enough deed to the Braestars but the students at Nyambugichi School, now had books to read in their spare time and they joy was evident.

In addition to the books, they participated in a tree planting activity at the school. Braestars Planting Treeshad fun interacting with the students and left the school thankful for what they have and grateful to have had a chance to touch somebody’s life.

 Tafaria Castle, out of gratitude, presented a  ParchmParchment of Honourent of Honour to Braeside school for their support and inspiring interaction with Nyambugichi Primary School.

Yr. 8 Pastoral Trip

It was a wonderful experience  going to Nyambugichi Primary School on our trip. Community ServiceWe were able to donate over 100 books and the children seemed very happy. We also played football with them and it was so much fun. The girls were able to play girl games. We bonded with them a lot and it was a good and fun day. We ended the trip by planting trees in their grounds. I had lots of fun.  By: Mutuma

Being a student in Year 8

‘There are many ups and downs about being a student especially one in Year 8.

Being a student in Year 8 is quite exciting. We get a chance to learn and make mistakes while at the same time learning from our mistakes. It is an amazing experience and we get to grow our minds and learn about ourselves in order to grow as people.Yr. 8 Students

 We have the chance to learn in a very safe and friendly environment. We are given a chance to explore our creative side as we strive to make ourselves better in everything we do.

  It is really a great chance for us to figure out what we are good at whether it is academics, sport or even art! Year 8 is our opportunity to establish the roots and foundation to our education and our future. By Estime


BTEC Extended Diploma at Braeside High School

Braeside High School offers BTEC Extended Diploma in Business and Sports as a post IGCSE qualification alongside the A Levels. The BTEC programme at Braeside has tremendously grown over the years. This is a two-year full-time course that meets entry requirements to higher university education locally and internationally. Being a diploma course, some of the graduates opt to venture into employment immediately after the course.

Part of the learning process requires that students get work related experience, that is why they are taken for trips to businesses, corporate companies and Government parastatals to gain these skills and experiences.

A big thank you to some of the corporates like the Central Bank of Kenya, Equity Bank, Bata, IPSOS, Brookside just to name a few for taking our students for training.

Recently they visited Equity bank and here is what the Equity Management had to say;

‘Senior students from Braeside school chose Equity bank for their Business case study. The group comprised of 47 students and 3 teachers.

The students are pursuing a BTEC Extended Diploma in Business. BTEC is a vocational course certified by EDEXCEL, UK and real life practical experience (such as the study of Equity Bank) forms an important component of this qualification.

David Nyamu, General Manager, Corporate Banking takes the scholars through the Equity Journey during the study tour at Equity Centre.

The students’ academic trip sought to understand; 

  • The history, sponsorship programmes and CSR projects Equity Bank
  • How health and safety legislation and regulations affect the working environment in the Banking industry
  • The role of internet marketing within Equity bank and 
  • The impact of capping banks interest rates to the Kenyan banks and the economy in general.

A group of staff from Equity Bank engaged with the students through presentations and open discussions on the selected topics of study.  They were led by David Nyamu who is charge of Corporate Banking’.

Braeside School scholars following proceedings during their study tour at Equity Centre

Winnie the Pooh Day

Our EYFS children joined other children around the world to mark Winnie the Pooh Day. It is observed on 18th of January to commemorate the author, A. A. Milne’s birthday. The occasion is celebrated with activities such as picnics featuring a lot of honey, teddy bears, games and story-telling among many others.

Our Braestars carried out fun activities which included: bee hunt, making a bee-hive mural and honey-cereal snacks, dressing up as story-characters.

The children enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Winnie the Pooh and her friends.