Early Years Foundation Stage Update

Crèche trip to Text book Centre at Two Rivers Mall & Swimming Demo

The Crèche trip to Text book Centre at Two Rivers Mall was indeed the highlight of the “Eric Carle” theme. The children had a great time singing nursery rhymes in the bus as we embarked on our journey.  What caught the children’s eyes at the book store, was the variety of books which were displayed on the shelves from all over the world.

They were drawn into the magical world of fairy tales as they took turns to independently select and read a book of their choice. In the end, they purchased their favourite hard cover story book, a pack of crayons and a colouring book.

Thereafter we played a few games, then had a picnic lunch in the garden within the mall.

What a better way to introduce the second half of the terms theme, “Teddy bears,” with the story of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.” Next week the children will go for a bear hunt and dramatise the story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.”

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the children proudly displayed their skills in the pool during the Crèche Swimming Demo. We would like to thank all the parents who came and celebrated their children’s progress.

Foundation Stage 1

This week we embarked on the theme - On The Move. We started off by exploring transport by road.  The children excitedly talked about the models of their parents’ cars and brought in their toy cars, buses and trucks. We recycled milk and juice cartons to make the different car models.

The song of the week wasThe wheels on the bus go round and round…’ To crown it up, we went for a bus ride at the car park in our school bus. This gave the children an opportunity to understand more about bus engines, bumpers, headlights, wing mirrors, exhaust pipes, boots etc.  They were also able to count the various parts of the bus and compared those that were different.  

Next week we shall focus on modes of transport used in water.

Foundation Stage 2

“Nothing lasts forever, not even the best machines. And everything can be reused.” Hephaestus

The topic, Machines has taken off quite well as the children showed great interest in the common ones which they are aware of, such as washing machines, computers, phones, and clocks among many others. Discussions led us to realise that;

  • Machine is a tricky word
  • Machines make life easier
  • All machines need operators
  • All machines need a source of energy e.g., humans, batteries, fuel or electricity.

We integrated these facts in the different learning areas. The children used their imagination to come up with models of self-chosen machines using a variety of resources both in and outdoors. They went ahead and took up the roles of machine operators and engineers. Some of them chose to paint and draw familiar machines found at home.

While at the construction area, the children were able to use positional language such as; bottom, under, on top and above to describe their process of building. They ably labelled these models and wrote down a few simple operating instructions (on/off, hot/cold, up/down). Team work was evident as children planned and worked towards achieving the same goal.

Next week, we shall focus on simple machines such as well pulleys, axles and inclined planes.




Braeside High School Updates

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Student Diary

We give each student their own Student Diary. This is a diary for the academic year and provides several useful reference pages. It is also an easy way for you to communicate with staff and for staff to communicate with you. We ask that you continue to check and sign it weekly.

Year 11 IGCSE Mock Results Parents Review

This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 6th February from 4pm to 6pm. All Year 11 parents are invited to attend.

School Uniform

Because of your continued support and co-operation, I am pleased to be able to report that the vast majority of students come to school looking smart and ready to work. I know that these high standards reflect a wider commitment that will enable us to continue establishing a positive learning environment in school.


Last year, behaviour in school was excellent. Thank you to parents for your continued help and support. Nonetheless, maintaining these standards and improving the behaviour of the minority will always be a priority for us. We expect all   students to take responsibility for their own behaviour and be aware of the school’s procedures and expectations. These are clearly set out in our code of conduct. In return, staff offer praise, support and encouragement to students.

Sports Results

The 2018 hockey season has been stunning for Braeside School’s teams with convincing wins for all age group sides. The morale of all the teachers and players is soaring high after 13 competitive goals have been scored within the space of 3 days. 

In addition to their winning performances, Braeside pupils have been commended by the referees for their excellent team behaviour and skills in all their games; this shows that the players representing Braeside understand that whatever they are doing there is also a bigger picture involved. Everyone is hoping they can continue this unbeaten run in their forthcoming fixtures and tournaments. It has been a fantastic week of hockey, with the U13 and U15 teams posting the following excellent results.


 Monday 29 2018

Under 13 Girls Football vs BGR 2-0 (winners Braeside)

Under 15 Girls Hockey vs BGR 2-0 (winners Braeside)

31 Wednesday 2018

Under 13 Girls vs Hillcrest 1-0 (winners Braeside)

February 1 2018

Under 15 Girls vs Hillcrest 1-1



Monday 29 2018

Under 13 vs Hillcrest 1-1 

Under 15 vs Hillcrest 2-1 (winners Hillcrest)

Thursday 25

Under 15 vs St Christopher's Vs Braeside 2-0 winners (Braeside)

 Monday 29 

Under 15 vs BGR 2-2

Mr. Joel Ndungu - Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)

Humanities Week – 29th January to 2nd February 2018

Our Humanities Week theme was ‘Many Counties, One Nation’. During this week, our focus was on the different county governments in Kenya as well as the National Government.

All year groups had exciting activities that they carried out during the week. Each year group focused on a particular county as follows;

 Year 1 Nairobi County, Year 2 Narok County, Year 3 Kiambu County, Year 4 Machakos County, Year 5 Mombasa County and Year 6 Kajiado County.

The Year 4 children discussed the role of the president and got to write some interesting letters to the President on what they would like him to do for them and for the country.

Top on the list were:

  • Recycling plants
  • Wildlife conversation
  • Play dates with the President
  • Puppies and other pets
  • Improving education and environment in public schools among many others.

On Friday, 2nd February 2018, all Braestars came dressed in attires with the Kenyan flag colours. They depicted the true Kenyan spirit and the teachers were not left behind either. The story is better told in the photos below.

Thank you parents for all your support during the week. We believe the children are now more aware of the country they live in.

Kind regards,

Mrs. D. Odipo - Humanities Curriculum Leader




Braeside High School Updates

Dear Parents/Guardians,

After some time off from school due to elections, I can now say that all students and staff are back to school and have embarked on serious teaching and learning plus other extra-curricular activities.

All after school activities will now run as usual. Plan your times accordingly to pick the children up on time after school. We still have a concern on the big number of students remaining in school who are not participating in after school activities. This is a concern and we need to support the school on this matter by picking the children on time after school.

Parent-Teacher Consultation Meetings

I wish to thank all parents who have managed to attend the above meetings for the respective classes in the past. We now have two to go in the coming week. I encourage the Year 12/13 parents to come for the meeting scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 7th November at 3:45pm. The Year 9 meeting will be held on Thursday, 9th November at 3:45pm. We allocate 10 minutes per meeting so if you wish to have a longer discussion please arrange an alternative time with the teachers.

CAT 4 Assessments

All students in the school have sat for the above tests and reports have been issued to parents during Parent - Teacher Consultations Meetings.  CAT 4 is a tool we have started using in school to help us measure progress of our students in different subjects. The tests will also help us in setting Target Grades for all subjects.

CAT 4 are cognitive Ability Tests which cover a wide range of areas such as, verbal, non-verbal, spatial and quantitative reasoning. Among other advantages the tests will help us identify strengths, areas of improvement and development for our students. This will also provide us with strategies on how different students learn best in the classroom, depending on their strengths.

I encourage parents to go through the reports which were issued during the Parent-Teacher Consultation Meetings and see how best you can support your child from home. If you have any questions about the report, don’t hesitate to contact us for explanations.

Wishing you a good week ahead.


Mr. Nyamota - Headteacher    

Braeside High Week 3 Updates

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have come to the end of week 3 of this term. Time is moving so fast and we wish to remind Year 11, 12 and 13 parents that IGCSE/GCE exams are drawing closer by the day. Encourage the candidates to be focused.


UK Universities Fair

We successfully hosted a group of 49 UK Universities representatives in our school this week. The occasion provided a valuable   opportunity for our students to meet university representatives face to face and ask about careers they wish to study in the future. It was a fantastic opportunity and platform for our students and others from other international schools in Nairobi to consult and engage University representatives face to face, acquiring vast information in relations to study opportunities in the UK.


After School Pick ups

We would like to request all parents and guardians to ensure that any child who is not taking part in after school activities to be picked from school at 3:30p.m. We are offering two after school activities this term that includes sport training and clubs. The number of students remaining in school without activities is becoming a challenge and a concern. Please pick them early. For those using school transport and by any chance have no after school activity, will not be allowed to use the late bus. If your child is not picked from the carpark after 3:45pm, please collect them from the designated waiting rooms. Years 10 to 13 wait from the Upper School and Years 7 to 9 wait from the Middle School. Any student staying in school after the stated time must be in the study/waiting rooms.



We have adopted a continuous assessment criteria that will ensure students are  given periodic assignments as the term progresses. The marks/grades scored from these assignments will form part of their midterm and end of term marks/grades.  We therefore urge every parent to ensure that children are provided with supportive conditions that will enable them complete academic tasks and assignments in time. 


Students Council Elections

The week has been busy with campaigns for the Executive positions of the Students’ Council. The candidates for various positions put up spirited campaigns as we carry out the elections on Friday, 22nd September 2017. Congratulations to those who have already been elected as Class Representatives through elections which were held last Monday. A comprehensive list will be out soon after the rest of the elections are held.

Looking forward for another fruitful week ahead!



Mr. Wallen Nyamota