Campus France visits Braeside

The team from the French Embassy visited on Tuesday, 13th September 2016. They held a workshop with our students who are studying French. It is good news that our students can now be offered scholarships to universities in France. Through our partnership and MOU the students will enjoy this benefit if they attain level B2 of DELF exams at Alliance Francaise. These exams can be taken while in school. Our teachers offer free tuition in preparing the students for the exams. Take advantage and encourage your child to enrol in this course in order to enjoy free university education in France for a variety of degree programs in any discipline. 

New Academic Year - Secondary

Welcome back to all our parents, students and staff. The 2016/2017 academic year has begun with all our students and staff back ready to face the year both in academics and extra curricular activities.

Braeside once again delivered excellent and great outcomes for students in the field of academics. I am extremely excited to announce to the Braeside family that our IGCSE, A-Level and BTEC results were excellent. We posted the best results the school has had in the recent years. Congratulations to all our students who took the exams in the last academic year.

I have met a great group of Year 7 students who are respectful, happy and excited to be in High School. I am also sure that the new families who joined Braeside this academic year with the Year 7s will bring a range of talents and experiences to the school community.

Once again let me make you aware that, I value the opinions of parents, staff and students. This will go along way in ensuring that the decisions we make and the planning we do represents the needs of our children in relation to the quality of teaching and learning.

Student Diaries

Students have received their diaries for the 2016/2017 academic year. This will be the main tool of communication between home and school. As a parent, make sure you check the diary daily. Feel free to write any messages in the diary if you wish to communicate with any of your child(ren)’s teachers.

Key Messages

  • Regular attendance to school is very important
  • Encourage your child to earn as many merits and 'gotcha slips' as possible
  • Students MUST carry their dairies every day and to every lesson
  • Students MUST join at least one club, offered at school. Encourage your child to broaden his/her horizon by taking part in a range of clubs and sports activities on offer this term.

If you have any issues you wish to discuss about your child please feel free to come and discuss with our staff.

Mr. Wallen Nyamota