High School Week 13 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have successfully come to the end of Week 13. Our students have been busy doing their end of term examinations and I thank you for the continued support.

IGCSE Art Mock Examination

The year 11 Art and Design examination ended successfully last week after two eight hour sessions of exploration of ideas and forms leading to a final outcome. The overall aesthetic in this particular examination showed that the students had a clear understanding of how to organize the visual elements required in the set assessment objectives.  We wish them well as they prepare for the final IGCSE examination in January 2019.

School Production 


With the ticking of the clock, euphoria built as our talented thespians prepared to walk us through 'A Wonderful Vacation'. We were very delighted to open theatre doors from Thursday for students, invited schools, parents and family as we    showcased the magnificent and terrific talent that lies in our children. All  stakeholders and drama enthusiasts are still welcome for the Saturday show which starts at 5.00pm. It is extremely captivating to see what our passionate and talented ‘Braestars’ are behind the curtains, so much has gone on: rehearsals, the costumes, the make-up and teamwork. You can literally see the sense of good citizenship written in the cast’s face; relishing the privilege to belong. This is not the event you want to miss! Please lend us an hour this weekend and we promise to add value along, as we all show solidarity in supporting our elated actors.  While at it, enjoy the trip to Hawaii and have ‘A  Wonderful Vacation’.

Year 10 Fathers’ Breakfast

The Year 10 Fathers’ Breakfast was held on Tuesday 20th November 2018 at 6.30am. The speaker, shared some insights and strategies on how fathers can support their children as they face the various challenges in this day and age. He especially dealt on the issue of stress as a key inhibitor to successful fatherhood. He elaborated on the fact that men need to exercise regularly, eat and sleep well,  meditate, solve the cause of stress avoid stressful situations, accept things you can't change, don't take on more than you can handle and trying a “glass half full”  attitude.

Fill A Bucket

The festive season is here with us, a moment to celebrate with friends and relatives reflecting on how the year has been. We however, notice that around us are people who may not have any reason to celebrate. They lack the most basic things that many times we hardly think of as important. Our students are doing a campaign to collect dry foods, cooking fat/oil, clothes, shoes, toiletries, sanitary pads, diapers, toys, books and other basic accessories to share with the less fortunate. By supporting your child, you can be part of this campaign. Cause a smile this festive season.

Wishing you a good weekend ahead.


Ms. Irene Ngahu

Year 9 Group Coordinator     


High School Week 12 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have successfully come to the end of week 12 and I sincerely thank you for your continued support. 

Fathers’ Breakfast Season II

Our second Fathers’ Breakfast will be on Tuesday, 20th November 2018. Year 10 Fathers are asked to come at 6:30am. Breakfast will be served as we explore ways of supporting our children at home. See you there over a cup of coffee.

School Production

The drama department is proud to present our school production entitled ‘A   Wonderful Vacation’. The students have worked extremely hard to prepare for this show and we are excited to invite you all to come out and watch your children perform!

When: Friday, 23rd November 2018       6:00pm - 7:30pm

           Saturday, 24th November 2018   5:00pm - 6:30pm

Where: Braeside School Theatre

Tickets: Students 300/= and Adults 500/= (Sold at the entrance or you can purchase advance tickets from the accounts office).

U19 Boys Football Tournament

The KAIISSO U19 Boys Football Tournament took place on Saturday, 10th November at Braeside. It was the first tournament for the U19’s to be held in Braeside and it was played on a round robin league. We congratulate the boys for being the winners of the  tournament. 

Sports Day

Finally, the much awaited Braeside High School Sports day took off at 8.40am on a bright and sunny Friday, 16th November to an exciting showcase of an array of sporting talents from the students, parents and teachers. Every house put its best foot forward in an atmosphere of great competition that saw a mix of strategy, team spirit and determination.

We would like to thank the parents and visitors for making time to grace the event and taking part in the exciting students, parents and teachers race. The winning house was Nyati and the following students crowned the best per year group.

Year 7 Girls - Andrea N. & Yelena K.                 Year 7 Boys - Lincoln K.

Year 8 - 9 Girls -  Waridi M.                                Year 8 - 9 Boys - James K.

Year 10 - 13 Girls - Anne J.                                Year 10 - 13 Boys - Mahmood A.

Well done to all the participants and see you at our next Sports day.

Wishing you a good weekend ahead.


Mr. Leonard Mwendwa

Year 12/13 Group Coordinator     


High School Week 11 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have successfully come to the end of week 11 of this term. It has been a busy week for our students with many activities around the school. A big thank you to the MFL  department for organising the MFL day. Our children looked awesome.

Punctuality to School

School begins at 7:45am and as such all students are expected to be in school by this time. Ensure that you drop your child in school by 7:45am for morning registration and activities to be ready for lessons.

School Uniform

We are still sending reminders that your child’s uniform should be labelled with two names. Together we will eliminate lost property problem in our school.

Year 13 Biology Trip to KEFRI

The Year 13 Biology students took time to visit KEFRI to understand the impact of research to biodiversity. "We met some entomologists who educated us on  different types of insects and how their populations are controlled in ecosystems". Merna E. Year 13A

Year 7 Assembly

This week marked the first assembly run by year 7s. Being their first in middle school, the excitement and enthusiasm was evident in the items presented from songs, skits, dances and poems among many.  It is interesting to see how many students want to showcase or build their talent. This group undoubtedly oozes the confidence of  Braestars. From this group, we have found orators, entertainers and leaders.


The 9th of November was MFL day for Key Stage 3 to celebrate Modern and  Foreign Languages culture. The MFL  department together with the students displayed the culture in amazing attires, food, dances and poems among many exciting items. Each year group represented the 18th century culture as follows;

Year 7 - German culture

Year 8 - French culture

Year 9 - Swahili culture

Super 8 Warm up

On Saturday 3rd November Braeside took part in the BGE Super 8 warm up. Braeside was position 3 overall with  outstanding performance from;

Nadia N.          1st place in 1500 meters

Nina D.            1st place in 800 meters 

Andrea N.        2nd place in 1500 meters

Wishing you a good weekend ahead.


Ms. Esther Mokaya              /      Mr. Wallen Nyamota

Year 7 Group Coordinator           Headteacher










Primary School Week 10 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends Of Braeside School

Seven Habits of Happy Kids

This half of the term, our focus is on the second habit ‘Begin with The End in Mind’.

Leadership Corner

Feedback from some of the students who took part in the Leadership Training held in Kembu Camp from 26th – 27th October 2018.

The Kembu leadership trip was very good. It taught me things about leaders and leadership, for example, I learnt that Mahatma Gandhi quoted that ‘leadership to me means muscle but now it means that you have to be willing to devote yourself to serve other people. There were some activities like team building. In team building, you are split into two groups and you’re going to have to work as a team to attain the objective. I learnt more things than I would learn in school. And because of that, I now know how to lead like a secretary. Jayden K.

During Kembu Camp I enjoyed doing the activities and I enjoyed the food and working as a team. learned that a leader should always respect, listen and always pay attention. Alexis M.

My name is Nikita G. I am the Y4 class representative. I learnt that a leader is a responsible person, someone who is confident, help people out when they need. We had activities such as team building, and obstacle race. A leader should not give up, and sometimes will have to work in a team.

My name is Abel T., Y3 Student council leader. Last week we went to Kembu for the leadership trip. I learnt how to work as a team and what leadership is. It was fun and scary at night. Now I know how to be a real leader.

My name is Arianna W. I am the Treasurer. We learnt about integrity, that means being honest and principled. When you are given instructions and you do not ask questions, you just do them. I learnt how to do team work better than I did before. We went to the obstacle course, and were told that it was set up for the army. I enjoyed the trip. A leader is someone who takes charge of their responsibilities and leads others to do the right thing at the right time.

I am Y5 Student Council Representative. Last weekend at Kembu we had several activities to do. We had team building, obstacles and a presentation on how to be a responsible leader and how a leader is supposed to act, be honest and responsible. Tyler H.

Musically Speaking

Congratulations and best wishes to the 24 Braestars who sat for their Piano and Guitar ABRSM Exams this past week. We anticipate that their hard work will yield good fruit.

Assembly Performers

  • Steve W. on the Drums playing Rock Beat 1&2
  • Leo M. on the drums playing Two Tribes
  • David H. on the Drums playing Get It
  • Matthew N. on the Drums playing Break That Beat

Under 11 Girls’ Football vs Rusinga

On Tuesday afternoon, the sun smiled down on U 11 the girls. They gave it their all after a long wait to emerge winners against Rusinga school girls. It was a thin marginal lead that the girls took in the last minutes to win 4-3.

Nairobi Academy Under 9 Football Tournament 

The under 9 boys and girls participated in the Nairobi academy tournament on Thursday the 1st November and missed being first by a whisker. The boys emerged 3rd in a tournament of 8 schools after being blocked to the finals by the hosts in a tensed penalties shootout.

For Your Diary

Monday, 5th – Friday, 9th November – KS1 & 2 End of Term Tests

Kind regards,

Gladys Wahinya

Head teacher Braeside Primary




High School Week 10 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Week Ten has come to the end and it has generally been calm.

Attendance Matters

Students who attend school on time and on a regular basis are more likely to  succeed. Having good attendance also creates a habit that can carry over into work later. Kindly ensure that your child is in school by 7:45am for form period, where pertinent class issues are addressed by the form tutor and to also organise their start of the school day.

Personal Property

Students are asked not to bring personal property of substantial value to school or bring large sums of money to school for any purpose. Students are assigned a    personal locker in school at the beginning of the school year. Students should only use the locker to which they are assigned and should not share lockers.

Uniform Expectation

Students and parents have settled and transitioned well into the routines of the new school uniform. However, it makes my heart sad to see the creeping back of lost property. I feel helpless when I see the new uniform in the lost property    without labels. I once again appeal to parents who never managed to label the uniform to do so urgently.

After School Activities

There are late buses provided to students so that they may take advantage of the activities and extra help opportunities that are available after school. Students who are staying after school for extra help with a teacher or for a school activity may take the bus that leaves at 5:00pm.

Many students who are not involved in any of the above activities often stay after school to “hang out” with friends. Those using school transport and by any chance have no after school activity, will not be allowed to use the late bus. If your child is not picked from the carpark after 3:45pm, please collect them from the designated waiting rooms. Years 10 to 13 wait from the Upper School and Years 7 to 9 wait from the Middle School.

Sports Day

Our sports day is now scheduled for Friday, 16th November from 8:30 - 12:40pm. We hope that the weather holds so that the event can take place. We welcome you to come encourage our students as they compete. Let’s continue to show our positive support for all students who are involved in co-curricular activities.

Thank You

I sincerely continue to thank all parents for the support you are according to us as a school and our children in the area of home learning. Home learning activities must be completed throughout the week. Encourage the learners to make sure work is done and handed in for marking.

Wishing you a good weekend ahead.

Mr. Joel Ndung’u                                                             Mr. Wallen Nyamota

Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral                                     Headteacher