The 36th Annual East Africa Model United Nations Conference


The 36th Annual East Africa Model United Nations Conference will definitely be highlighted as one of the greatest for Braeside High School. At the conference, Braeside had two members in the Executive Committee. This is the highest possible positions. The two members were Suhail (13Y) who was Media Director and Ideja (11K) as Senior Chair. Braeside was also represented well by Chemutai (11N) who emerged successful as a Head Securitary after weeks of Training. 

At the end of the conference, Braeside once again emerged successful by Njeri (10S) winning best speaker in the Political Committee and Gurra (10K) winning best speaker in Mendoza Charity Committee. In addition, Samantha’s resolution on providing ‘’clean Water in Latin America’’ got a clean bill from the large delegate. The other delegates and Ambassadors equally played a significant role in amending and debating other resolutions in different committees.

These included Shirley (11C), Nessy (11C), Sinai (10K), Lynn (11K), Tanay (10C), Nasteha (12A), Nicole (11N), Kfir (12A) and Trevor (11N) were in the Special Summit.

 We are also proud to announce that Ideja also got an even bigger role for the next conference as the Co-Chair of the first General Assembly. Congratulations are in order to the delegates and the advisors Ms. Yongo, Mr. Ouma and Mr. Kombo. 


 PRESSCORP  - Personal Experience  

At exactly 9:23am on 19th February 2018, the 36th annual EAMUN Conference was declared open by the Secretary General, Makenzie Hanson and her deputy, Khilen Patel. The conference consisted of 1000+ delegates from up to 72 schools from 9 different countries, a pictured painted to speak of diversity.

The committees involved in these conference were Economic, Political, Human Rights, Ecology, Security, Special Summit, MCC (Mendonsa Charity Council), ICJ (International Court of Justice), GHC (Global Health Council).

During this 5-day conference, there were a couple of speakers, and some of which stood out in the whole conference was one by world renowned journalist and entrepreneur, Julie Gichuru. She started off this year’s conference with an empowering and powerful speech. Through her journalism, she has managed to redefine and innovate the news anchoring in Kenya, and through her career, she has augmented and emboldened the society into a better place. Another guest speaker was Henry Wanyoike.

The last day of the conference, which was on the 23rd February, was a fusion of sensations or rather emotions. Delegates were enthusiastic as well as gloomy, as they knew it was the last day. The Media team, which I was part of, prepared a much-awaited closing video that had everyone’s mood enlightened.

Personally, I regarded this conference and the experience attached to it as a perfect and precise example of what is known as International Education. I experienced social growth, a very important aspect in a young adult’s life. I made friends with all kinds of young people from different backgrounds and demeanor. Working as a Presscorp made me get the drift and understand the working life I am about to join in a few years and I would say that this was the unsurpassed kind of work experience. By Loise (12R)