Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards

Once again Braeside Learners have achieved the Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards after their remarkable achievement in attaining Distinctions in all units done for BTEC level 3 National Extended Diploma in Business and Sports. The students completed their BTEC qualification at Braeside last year. These five outstanding students with their classmates gained admission to various universities to pursue degrees of their choice. Congratulations to our Braestars for making us proud once more. The BTEC Awards are an annual opportunity for top BTEC students to be rewarded for their achievements in this skills-based learning course.

Suhail W.                                                                                                                                           University of East Anglia - UK                                                                                                                    Media and International Development                                                                                                                                 

Chrissie N.                                                                                                                                        Cape Breton University - Canada                                                                                                              Business Management

Frank K.                                                                                                                                      Middlesex University - Mauritius                                                                                                        Business Management

Mukami M.                                                                                                                                        Ohio State University - USA                                                                                                                      Business Management

Mukaz K.                                                                                                                                   University of Brighton-UK                                                                                                                        Business Management and Sports

What BTECs are offered at Braeside?

Braeside High School offers BTEC Extended Diploma in Business, Sports and Hospitality as a post IGCSE qualification alongside the A Levels. BTEC programmes have been some of the most successful courses we offer at the School. This is a two-year full time course that meets entry requirements to higher university education both locally and internationally. Being an Extended Diploma course some of the graduates opt to venture into employment immediately after completing the course.

These are career-based qualifications designed to give students the skills they need to move on to higher education or go straight into employment.

When combined with academic learning at Braeside BTEC develops a range of practical knowledge and skills which help learners to prepare for life at universities and work places.

Classroom style teaching combined with project work and practical work-related activities help to develop students' behavioural skills, which include teamwork, research, creative thinking and presentation skills.

More employers and Higher Education institutions than ever before are choosing BTEC-qualified candidates for their academic and practical knowledge and skills. Part of the course requires that students get work related experience. The students also learn through organised academic trips to businesses, corporate companies and government parastatals in order to gain first hand work related experiences.

A big thank you to some of the long term partners and corporates who have given our learners opportunities in their business to gain such valuable experiences. Thank you to the Central Bank of Kenya, Equity Bank, Bata, IPSOS, Brookside just but to name a few.

You can contact us for more information about the course.

High School Week 3 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am delighted to update you on the following progress and reminders.

Year 11 Mock Review Meeting

Year 11 students completed their Mock Examinations this week and are waiting for the results that will be released on Tuesday, 29th January. We are therefore asking the year 11 parents to come for a review meeting on the same Tuesday, 29th January in the school dining hall from 4:00pm. It is important that all  students attend with their parents/guardians, so that teachers have an opportunity to discuss how we can support students towards their results. School attendance by Year 11’s is mandatory for the remainder of the term.

May/June Examination Fees Reminder

Please make arrangements to make the payment by Friday, 1st February 2019 at the very latest.

Year 9 Options

Year 9 students have started serious discussions with their teachers, heads of departments and career experts about subject options that they would like to take at IGCSE. We would like to urge all Year 9 parents to be part of this process through deliberate follow ups on the tentative career choices and the relevant subject options. We encourage students to take a wide range of subjects that leaves future options open with regard to study and career.

Academic Concerns Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who have attended the meetings. Those students involved should now be working hard towards the targets that were set by themselves and their teachers. These targets will be followed up at the Parents Consultation Evenings which will take place after the half term break.

John Garrod and David Anderson Football Tournament

Braeside School performed extremely well as the girls team were top in their pool having won 3 and drawn 1. They lost in the semis to eventual winners ISK. Boys were 3rd in their pool having won 3 and lost 2.

U15 Girls Hockey vs Rusinga                                   Braeside won 2-0

U15 Girls Hockey vs NIS                                           Braeside won comprehensively

U15 Boys Hockey vs NIS                                           Braeside won comprehensively

Braeside A Boys vs GEMS won 4-0                          Braeside Boys B vs Hillcrest won 2-0

Braeside A Boys vs Hillcrest lost 0-2                       Braeside Girls A vs Gems won 2-0

Braeside B Girls vs Hillcrest lost 1-1                        Braeside Girls A vs Hillcrest Draw 0-0

Best wishes!

Mr. Henry Oboo

Deputy Headteacher - Academics


Braeburn Scouts Mega camporee at Batian's View, Naromoru

On Thursday, 17th January 2019, a group of scouts both in Primary and High School together with their leaders  departed for Batian's View to attend the Annual Braeburn Schools’ Mega Camporee.

It was an exciting trip for the scouts as this year’s venue was new, having camped in Kembu for two consecutive years.

On their way, they stopped in Nyeri and had a chance to visit Baden Powell's House Museum - Paxtu at the Oustspan Hotel, where the founder of the scouting movement, lived.

During the camp, the scouts were involved in different activities including low ropes, high ropes, forest walk, first aid, camp fire and entertainment.

This year’s camporee was attended by Braeside, Braeburn Nanyuki, Braeburn Gitanga, Braeburn Garden Estate and Braeburn Imani. The scouts interacted freely and new friendships were made.

Below are some of the children’s experiences during the camporee;

The camp was great. We had a lot of fun. We did zip lining, team building, first aid and also went on a forest walk. Almond M.

The Braeburn camporee was amazing. Zip lining was scary. My favourite activities were screamer and forest walk. We also did first aid. I made new scouts friends from other Braeburn Schools. Precious W.

The camp was fun and it taught me how to take care of myself in the wild. I learnt first aid. We made our dinner with pots. We went for a hike and saw Mt. Kenya. Ashley K.

I thank the parents for their continued support.

Kind regards,

Mrs. A. Luvai – Scout Leader


Welcome Back

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Braeside School

Welcome Back!

It is a delight to have Braestars back after the four-week long break. A special welcome to the new families that have joined us this term. Karibuni sana!

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

Braestars are excitedly forging ahead with the Implementation of The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Habit 3 will receive special focus in the first half of this term. During the Friday’s assembly, we discussed what is required for one to successfully put first things first and summarised them as; Say no, plan, choice, prioritise, dare to be unique and sacrifice.


A few pointers to ensure Braestars remain healthy & safe this term.

Sun Hats: Purchase Braeside branded sun hat/cap that are available in the uniform stores.

Water bottles: Ensure your child packs a labelled water bottle for refilling from the various water points.

Hockey equipment Yr. 1-6: A mouth guard and shin guard are mandatory for participation during lessons.

Wishing you a happy and safe 2019!

Gladys Wahinya

Head teacher Braeside Primary

High School Week 2 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Early in any new term is a great opportunity to encourage your child apply improved habits for learning through having good study routines, being organised, being positive about potential for success and then being prepared to put in the effort. Our core business of providing a quality education in a caring, supportive environment remains the same. Our guiding statements; Erudition, Equality,  Internationalism and Respect will continue to be drivers of our practice.

When asking your child how they are doing at school, don’t forget to ask where they were and how much they have improved. In other words, “What do you now know that you didn’t know before?” This is where we should be directing the highest praise and then working collaboratively to determine what the next jump will be.

Mock Examinations

This provides an excellent opportunity for students to sit examinations very similar to the ones they will be sitting in May/June 2019 and it is therefore essential that the students prepare carefully and are extensively assessed at the same time. As the year elevens’ complete their mocks on Monday, this exercise will have prepared them well for their IGCSE exams. The year twelves’ and thirteens’ will sit for their mock in early February. 

Target Setting

On assembly last week, students in Years 7 to 13 were encouraged to reflect on their end of term one reports as a guide to set targets of improvement. All students have the potential to do better and strive for excellence.

Year 9 Subject Options

This term is a very important time for the Year 9 students. They will embark on the path of selecting for option subjects which will subsequently inform their future paths in education and career. The school will provide subject information and  career paths, later in the term invite professionals to speak with the students.

PURE’s Mentorship Programme

We took a group of 16 students to State House Nairobi, on Thursday, 17th January 2019 for the PUREs event. This is a ‘Pupils Reward Scheme’ initiated by The President to motivate pupils to work hard in their studies and instil in them a sense of discipline, direction and patriotism. We hope the pioneer cohort from Braeside will live up to the ideals of this noble cause.


The Braeside High School Games Department’s aim is to develop the complete   student-athlete. We envision students who embrace sportsmanship, teamwork and dedicated work ethic. Our ultimate goal is to produce responsible, productive,   employable citizens who recognize the value and enjoyment of sport. The school’s staff is dedicated to these goals as we prepare each competitive team to represent our school. This term we will take part in competitions in basketball, football,  hockey and swimming. Let us praise the efforts of our teams and reap the reward of their gratitude.

Wishing you a good weekend.                        


Mr. Joel Ndung’u

Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral