Primary School Week 5 Newsletter

Dahlicious English Week!

What a fabulous week it was! We celebrated the week by focusing on the books of Roald Dahl, a renowned children’s author. How many of his books have you read? If none, please make a point to read one. You will not regret it!  We had lots of exciting actvities from respective year groups. A big thank you to all who made the week a great success.

Annual Focus!

GRIT-The 4 Ds

Give it your all (Dedication)

Redo if necessary (Double checking)

Ignore giving up (Determination)

Take time to do it right (Diligence)

Braeside Golfers

We celebrate the golfers who represented us in the Drive, Chip & Putt Golf tournament at Hillcrest. They emerged 2nd out of 8 teams which included Peponi House, Kenton College, Braeburn Garden Estate, The Banda, Braeburn Gitanga, Hillcrest and Brookhouse.

Trevor K. emerged 1st in U13 boys category while Mikayla D.S.  and Hussein F. emerged 2nd and 3rd respectively in U11 category.

Bravo Braestars!

High School Week 5 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have successfully come to the end of week 5 of this term. It has been a busy week for our students and staff. I wish to thank you for your continued support.

All will be well if……

The year 10’s have started the IGCSE syllabus in earnest. This is the most important stage as the better part of the IGCSE foundation is built now. Each student is encouraged and challenged to start working hard now. Proper planning is critical and more time should be spent preparing for the IGCSE examinations not far from now. We encourage each parent to partner with us as we insist on students spending more time to study.

To the students, spend at least 45 minutes each morning to study. It can make a big difference! Then all will be well! 

Year 9 Trip to Meteorological Department                                         

81 Year 9 Geography students visited the Kenya Meteorological Department   weather station in Dagoretti on Wednesday, 25th September 2019. The students were guided on how the different weather instruments are used to record weather and the importance of weather forecasting to the economy of the country. In addition they recognized the role that technology has played in improving the accuracy of weather forecasts. The students were given an opportunity to read the weather forecast in the studio. 

University of Dundee Mooting Competition

On Wednesday 25th September 2019, we hosted representatives from the University of Dundee. The University conducted program focused activities with students considering Business and Engineering degrees.                                              

From the Sports Desk                                                                   

U13A Football vs BGE (A)                              0-2 Lost

U13B Football vs BGE (B)                              3-1 Won

U13C Football vs BGE (C)                              5-0 Won

U15 Football vs Strathmore                           1-4 Lost

U15 Football vs Peponi                                   2-1 Won

U17 Football vs Strathmore                            2-1 Won

U19 Football vs Braeburn                                2-3 Lost                                                                     

U19 Football vs BIIS                                         2-0 Won

U19 Football vs BGE                                         2-1 Won

U19 Football vs Nairobi Academy                   1-1 Draw

Our teams continue to excel in their different disciplines as week 5 was full of excellent performance. Our U17 football boys won against Peponi School 5-0 while U15 Football won against Nairobi Academy 2-0. We congratulate our teams for the good performance. 

Today our students are participating in the Annual Braeburn Sports Festival which started yesterday at Braeburn Garden Estate. We wish them all the best.

Have a good weekend.


Mr. Henry Kamau

Year 10 Group Coordinator



Primary School Annual English Week

Starting today until Friday this week, we will be celebrating our annual English Week. The theme this year is 'Dahlicious.' We aim to explore literary works by the celebrated children's author, Roald Dahl, as a way of developing reading skills and inculcating an appreciation of various writing techniques.

We have a variety of reading and writing activities lined up such as; titch toddler activities for EYFS, breakfast with Roald Dahl, Dahlicious dress up, In the movies, Book quizzes, Writers Hub and many more. To enable us achieve our objective, see below the scheduled activities;

Monday, 23/09/2019 (Whole school)
'Dahlicious Yellow Day'
Theme — Yellow, tie, bow tie, ornament, belt, hair assessories etc
(school uniform is compulsory)
Pack simple breakfast
Wednesday, 25/09/2019 (Year 4-6) only
'In the movies'
Pack popcorn
Thursday, 26/09/2019 (Year 1-3) only
'In the movies'
Pack popcorn
Friday, 27/09/2019
(Whole school)
'Dahlicious Dress Up Day'
Children come dressed up as their favourite Roald Dahl characters
Monday, 23rd — Friday, 27th September 2019
We encourage parents to read a book by Roald Dahl to their children and/or volunteer to read to the children in class.


High School Week 4 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I am proud of the hard work and dedication I see every day from our students and staff. The level of involvement is remarkable and it is truly rewarding to see the number of students involved in music, drama, clubs, sports as well as their classwork. Thank you for supporting your child’s involvement in learning.

25 Years Celebration

On Saturday, 28th September 2019, we celebrate our 25 Years Anniversary. This is a special day when we have a chance to toss on the beginnings of the School and it’s founders.

It is a day set aside to celebrate our history, revisit and reconnect with the continuing journey of the School. We celebrate that we are blessed with such beautiful surroundings and wonderful facilities. We celebrate the joy of learning as we develop in mind, body and spirit, and we celebrate the bond that we share with past and present members of the Braeside School Family.

We extend an invitation to parents (present and past), alumni and staff (present and past) to this auspicious occasion. Confirm your attendance through

Students Council

Our Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and it’s students. Each September, students vote to elect their representatives on the council for the coming year.

Please join me in congratulating the 2019/2020 students council executive committee duly elected. See attached.

President’s Award Scheme

The award is split into four sections: Volunteering, Physical, Skill and Expedition. Students learn to be self-reliant, independent, active and giving, and all thoroughly enjoy the experience. On Saturday, 14th September 2019, a group of 18 students undertook a one day expedition around Machakos. This was in preparation for their pre-bronze expedition later in the term. 

Cuisine Club

At cuisine club, students’ learn a variety of food from sweet to savoury and from hot to cold. It is a great way to try new food and test out their cooking skills. They can make a range of biscuits like chocolate chip cookies and shortbread. They also learn to prepare different things from different cultures like pizza and chicken nuggets. If you don’t really cook or help with cooking at home, it would be a  really nice surprise for your parents to see you independently cook something from scratch.

Lost Property

Please label all items of clothing/kit/books and pencil cases/trainers etc. to help reunite with the rightful owner should anything get lost in school.

Have a nice weekend.


Mr. Joel Ndung’u

Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral




Primary School Week 1, 2 & 3 Newsletters

Week 3 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Braeside School

Student Council Leadership

The process of selecting Student Council Representatives concluded successfully after a vigorous campaign period, with a presentation of the 12 successful Braestars to the whole school during assembly.

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Nathanael W.

Noelle M.

Samantha M

Muhammad F.

Adan A.

Alisha A.

Leon M.

Kakea M.

Jayden K.

Gichora M.

Joy M.

Fatima F.

Two Year 6 students will represent Year 1.

Parents’ Meetings

This year’s parents’ meetings were specially designed to enhance the home-school partnership to support Braestars to make the most of their talents in school and home. We appreciate your feedback and hope you found the sessions informative.

Braeside App

We are happy to announce that the Braeburn App is now up and running. You can download the App on both Google Android and Apple IOS. Once installed, you will be able to search for our School (Braeside School) from the pre-populated list of Braeburn Schools. You will be able to receive information for Braeside School only.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Gladys Wahinya

Head teacher Braeside Primary


Week 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Braeside School

Student Leadership

The process of prefects’ selection came to a successful close as a team of 25 Braestars were presented to the rest of the school during the whole school assembly.

Overall leaders

Year 5 Prefects

Year 6 Prefects

House Captains

Head Girl

Megan M.

Alma N.

Gail G.

Keysley O.

Liam H.

Mikayla D.

Waithaka N.


Aisha R.

Baraka S.

Chris I.

Hussein F.

Marsha W.

Munga K.

Rachel A.

Sidrah F.



Bella O.

Joshua M.

Head boy Jeremy N.


Natasha N.

Morgan O.

Girls’ Captain

Kanaiza M.


Kanaiza M.

Boy: TBA

Boys’ Captain

Travis K


Letesia A.

Travis K.

‘I am Baraka Salat. I wanted to become a prefect because I am a good leader and I correct people when they are wrong. I also congratulate them when they do well. I am bold and confident. I am happy to lead my fellow pupils.’

‘My name is Alma and I am in 5R. I will be a good example to my classmates and I will respect and treat everyone equally. I will be loyal to all meetings and I won’t miss any. Everyone is a star, follow your dreams.’

‘I will help the school to be a better place by;

  • Standing up for the younger children.
  • Respecting teachers, parents and students.
  • I will be a good example and remain open minded.’ Hussein Firdousi

Students’ Selection

Year 2-6 Braestars will start campaigning on Monday ahead of the voting exercise to select peers who will form the Student Council team. Best wishes to all who will put forth their name for this noble responsibility.

Wishing you a superb weekend!

Gladys Wahinya

Head teacher Braeside Primary

Week 1 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Braeside School

Welcome Back!

It is such a delight to welcome Braestars back for the 2019-2020 Academic year. We have an exciting year ahead and look forward to working alongside each Braestar to enable their progress in various aspects of their learning journey.

A special welcome to the new families who have joined Braeside Family. ‘Karibuni Sana!

2019-2020 Annual Focus

GRIT will be our focus for this academic year.

GRIT-The 4 Ds

Give it your all (Dedication)

Redo if necessary (Double checking)

Ignore giving up (Determination)

Take time to do it right (Diligence)

This is inspired by Angela Duckworth’s research and book that offers insights to parents and teachers on how to support children to thrive in their learning journey.

She is currently a professor of psychology at the University Of Pennsylvania. You can garner more information about her on

Parents’ Meetings

This year’s parents’ meetings are specially designed to enhance the home-school partnership so as to support Braestars to make the most of their talents in school and home. We anticipate your presence and contribution during the sessions.

Prefects’ Selection

Fifty-five Year 5-6 Braestars have submitted their applications for prefects’ positions. A commendation to each of them for the willingness to serve their fellow Braestars. They are true Confident Individuals!

We shall finalise with the ratification process in the coming week.

I am excited to see what the year holds for us all.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Gladys Wahinya

Head teacher Braeside Primary