High School Week 3 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have successfully come to the end of week 3 of this term. It has been a busy week for our students and staff. I wish to thank you for your continued support.

Election of new student leaders

The first four weeks of each academic year are always marked with campaigns and elections at various levels. Being the time when new leadership teams are instituted all students are taken through PSHE lessons on leadership. It is interesting to see many of our learners mount up campaigns to try and convince their colleagues of what they can do best for the benefit of the entire students’ body. The students’ voice has always been the student council. Through it, we have had suggestions that have informed the priority projects undertaken and have gone a long way in changing the face of the school.

We just concluded the class representatives’ elections and the following were elected to represent their various classes.

Year Group

Elected Boy

Elected Girl


Keynan M.

Ariana W.


Taji K.

Nicole S.


Eugene O.

Naledi M.


Solal G.

Justine K.


Liam H.

Michelle G.


Ted A.

Mueni K.


Justus W.

Aziza R.

We thank you parents for permitting your child to exercise his/her leadership skills.

Community Service

Students at Braeside High School are well aware of the privileged position in society they enjoy. They understand the need to help out those less blessed. It's this acceptance and   commitment which led to Teshi M, Naledi M, Chantal O, Lisa G and Anne J to organise the ‘Share a Shoe’ project. Sports shoes donated by their peers across the school were presented to students participating in the Ekiden race in Ndakaini on Saturday, 7th September 2019.

Universities Fair

The Sixth Form students attended the UK – University fair at Nairobi Academy on Thursday, 12th September 2019. The fair was open to students and teachers and was aimed at providing students with relevant university choices and availabilities in the UK.

Braeside App

We are happy to announce that the Braeburn App is now up and running. You can  download the App on both Google Android and Apple IOS. Once installed, you will be able to search for our School (Braeside School) from the pre-populated list of Braeburn Schools. You will be able to receive information for Braeside School only.

Security Guidelines at Braeburn Schools

Kindly see the attached letter outlining guidelines on our approach to security matters.

From the Sports Desk

What a week! full of sporting activities and to top it all the inter house cross country that lived up to  expectation with all the four houses displaying excellent performance both individually and as a team.

Junior race victors

Girls                            Boys

Nadia N (Simba)       Geetee T (Simba)

Frances M (Kifaru)    Andrew M (Kifaru)

Taamuli B (Simba)    Ryan A (Chui)

Senior race victors

Girls                          Boys

Nina D (Nyati)          Calvin O (Simba)

Kate O (Nyati)          Joshua I (Kifaru)

Justine K (Nyati)     Michael O (Chui)

Position Team Scores

Simba - 251 Points

Kifaru - 363 Points

Chui - 365 Points

Nyati - 388 Points

Most Disciplined House - Chui

Best wishes!

Mr. Wellington Andati

Middle School Coordinator



High School Week 2 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I would like to acknowledge your support towards a successful start of this academic year and bring you upo to speed on the following:

Assessment Plans and Curriculum overviews

As we all know, continuous assessments forms part of our day to day evaluation for all progress made in an acquisition of knowledge. This term, teachers will be assessing learning continuously using tests and assessments that may take the form of periodic scheduled sit in tests, home learning activities, class presentations among others. We have therefore shared with you all the specific assessment plans that informs the number and type of assessments to be given at every stage throughout the term. We have also shared the curriculum overviews that indicates aspects of the taught curriculum at Braeside High School.

Student Council Elections

The week has been relatively busy, with campaigns for the class and year group representative positions in preparation for the elections that will take place on Monday, 9th September 2019. All candidates are working hard in their campaigns to clinch the student council positions this academic year. The class and year group elections will be followed later by an anticipated intense Executive Student Council Committee campaigns, that will culminate into the executive committee elections on Friday, 20th September 2019.

CAT4 and Target Setting

All new students who joined Braeside High School this term will  sit for a Cognitive Ability Test (CAT4) which is an online test offered by GL-Assessment. The test will be conducted in school on Wednesday, 11th September 2019. CAT4 assesses developed abilities such as: Verbal reasoning (thinking with words), Quantitative reasoning (thinking with numbers),    Non-verbal reasoning (thinking with shapes) and Spatial ability (thinking with shape and space). As a school, we use the scores from CAT4 to set target grades for every student for benchmarking and tracking of every learner’s academic progress. This test is however, not a pass or fail test and should not be revised for. We also encourage Parents/Guardians to assist   students in setting their personal academic targets for this term using a       targeting setting tool found on page 81 of the students’ diary.

Wishing you all a good weekend!


Mr. Henry Oboo

Deputy Headteacher - Academics