Battle of the Crows Colloquium (BCC)

20th November 2021

The much anticipated colloquium finals were held successfully on 19th November, 2021 after weeks of preparation and preliminary rounds. It was a terrific showcasing of the studious skills our students acquired through the process. The student led initiative was epitomized by a colourful awards session where winners were washed with an array of goodies. Here are the results:

Winners (Topic - Body Dysmorphia) - Imani K. (Year 11S), Lola J. (Year 11S) and Nadia N. (Year 11S); Mentored by Imani K. (Year 12R)

1st Runners Up (Topic - Influence of Social Media on Teens) - Paula J. (Year 10S); Mentored by Nicole N. (Year 12R)

2nd Runners Up (Topic - Body Dysmorphia) - Angela N. (Year 11C), Shana O. (Year 11C), Nella W. (Year 11C) and Daniella M. (Year 11C); Mentored by Chebowen T. (Year 11N)

Best Speakers’ Award - Andrew M. (Year 11K), Shana O. (Year 11C) and Imani K. (Year 11S)

We laud all contestants, mentors and champions for their meticulous planning and delivery of the event. Thank you, parents, for supporting our Braestars through this process!