Braeside High Week 3 Updates

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I wish to commend our students and the teaching staff individually and  collectively, for the commitment to raising standards into teaching and learning. The standards in the classroom and beyond have improved considerably, as illustrated by the many and varied achievements of our students.

IGCSE/GCE AS /A Level  Examinations

The IGCSE and AS, A level examinations begun this week. We would like to wish all candidates every success in their examinations. The candidates already have their timetables and are encouraged to adhere to the examinations regulations and school expectations as shared during the Parents/Students Examination meetings.

Please take note that students will be required to return school textbooks as soon as they clear with the last paper of each subject. This makes clearing process easier to avoid any hitches when the student comes for their results in August.

Exiting School at the end of an Exam

Students are allowed to go home after their exams as long as the key times have passed. We would wish to advise that Parents/Guardians give a note in the morning to be dropped off at the reception authorising such exits. This will reduce the need to make repeated phone calls seeking for such authorisation.

Attendance and Punctuality

I am pleased to report that our whole school attendance remains above our target of 97% - thank you. There has also been an improvement in our punctuality. I urge parents to ensure that they are punctual when dropping their children to school and when collecting them at the end of the school day. 

Notice of school events will continue to be sent via newsletters, emails or sms. We will also ensure that the website is updated regularly and give as much notice as possible for events;

Changes to School Uniform Expectations from September 2018

We would like to notify parents of some changes to our uniform policy for the next academic year.

Essentially, we will be changing the expectations so that students will need to wear a specific style and fabric of garment purchased directly from our approved uniform suppliers. Information and images of the new items will be availed within the next two weeks on the school’s website and newsletter.

The changes will come into effect from the first day of next term in August 2018. The items of uniform that will change include the trouser, skirt, shirt/ blouse, sweater and blazer. With that in mind, our uniform suppliers ‘Animet’ and ‘Image First’, will be stocking the new-style uniform from June 2018 onwards.

We believe uniform is very important in terms of the message it sends about the respect students have for their school.

Wishing you a good weekend ahead.


Mr. Bernard Wandabwa/Mr. Joel Ndung’u

Assessment Coordinator/Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)



Braeside High Week 2 Updates

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are coming to the end of week two. It has definitely been a busy week for the students. I am now confident that the students have settled in well and adjusted to the daily routine.

Year 9 Start of Key Stage 4

This week marked the start of Key Stage 4 for our Year 9 students. We held a transition and options meeting last week on Thursday evening. They are excited to start their IGCSE options and are settling down well to the new expectations. Congratulations to all our Year 9 students for successfully completing KS3 and welcome to KS4.

Year 11’s Study Leave, Examinations and Sixth Form Application

Year 11 students commenced their study leave on Wednesday, as they await to sit for their final IGCSE. The written papers begin on Tuesday 1st May with O Level Swahili. Please join me in wishing them success in their examinations. Sixth Form is for 16–18 year olds. Staying on at Braeside for sixth form confers many advantages including the stability you gain from staying in the same environment, the support system Braeside High offers, the familiarity you will have with the school and the insight staff have into individuals’ needs. Braeside’s Sixth Form also offers a good selection of subject choices and good class sizes. Current Year 11s who have not submitted applications for next year but who wish to do so can obtain an application from the office.

A/AS Study Leave Examinations

On Monday, 30th April, we will have a meeting with A/AS Level candidates and parents for examination briefing at 3:45 pm in the School Theatre. They will commence their study leave on Wednesday 2nd May 2018. I would like to wish all of our students well in their forthcoming exams.

Term’s Focus

This term we are laying great emphasis on Academic progress for each  student and our focus will be on reviewing targets that were set at the start of the Year thus determining the level of progress made in the course of the three terms. This will lay the basis for discussions during Parents meetings after the half-term break. We shall also look at recognizing and rewarding students not only in Academics but in other facets of their school life at the end of the academic year. 

Wishing you a good weekend ahead.


Mr. Joel Ndungu

Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)


Cultural Day 2018

Cultural Day at Braeside involves students, teachers and parents who create, participate and celebrate culture and art in our community. Our students are welcome and encouraged to celebrate our diversity by performing activities in class and in assembly.

Our students dressed in attires from different cultures and nationalities across the world. In Braeside, we have such a rich culture based on different nationalities represented at the school. We are a proud international school with over 50 nationalities represented at the school. What a rich culture we have!

Cultural day is a chance where we celebrate each other with our different and unique backgrounds. Students have an opportunity to showcase diversity through multiculturalism in arts, music, fashion and food. Braeside High School marked it’s 2018 Cultural Day on 23rd March with spectacular cultural events to appreciate cultures beyond our borders. The day was remarkable with students and staff beaming in their colourful native attires that showcased different cultures from across the globe.

 With these activities and attires, our students and staff demonstrated and promoted virtues of a united and one school - Braeside. Amazing displays and activities depicting the culture of various nationalities highlighting their food, customs and tradition was truly captured at the school.  Indeed the moments and events by the students was commendable. Cultural Day celebration should be a termly event!

The 36th Annual East Africa Model United Nations Conference


The 36th Annual East Africa Model United Nations Conference will definitely be highlighted as one of the greatest for Braeside High School. At the conference, Braeside had two members in the Executive Committee. This is the highest possible positions. The two members were Suhail (13Y) who was Media Director and Ideja (11K) as Senior Chair. Braeside was also represented well by Chemutai (11N) who emerged successful as a Head Securitary after weeks of Training. 

At the end of the conference, Braeside once again emerged successful by Njeri (10S) winning best speaker in the Political Committee and Gurra (10K) winning best speaker in Mendoza Charity Committee. In addition, Samantha’s resolution on providing ‘’clean Water in Latin America’’ got a clean bill from the large delegate. The other delegates and Ambassadors equally played a significant role in amending and debating other resolutions in different committees.

These included Shirley (11C), Nessy (11C), Sinai (10K), Lynn (11K), Tanay (10C), Nasteha (12A), Nicole (11N), Kfir (12A) and Trevor (11N) were in the Special Summit.

 We are also proud to announce that Ideja also got an even bigger role for the next conference as the Co-Chair of the first General Assembly. Congratulations are in order to the delegates and the advisors Ms. Yongo, Mr. Ouma and Mr. Kombo. 


 PRESSCORP  - Personal Experience  

At exactly 9:23am on 19th February 2018, the 36th annual EAMUN Conference was declared open by the Secretary General, Makenzie Hanson and her deputy, Khilen Patel. The conference consisted of 1000+ delegates from up to 72 schools from 9 different countries, a pictured painted to speak of diversity.

The committees involved in these conference were Economic, Political, Human Rights, Ecology, Security, Special Summit, MCC (Mendonsa Charity Council), ICJ (International Court of Justice), GHC (Global Health Council).

During this 5-day conference, there were a couple of speakers, and some of which stood out in the whole conference was one by world renowned journalist and entrepreneur, Julie Gichuru. She started off this year’s conference with an empowering and powerful speech. Through her journalism, she has managed to redefine and innovate the news anchoring in Kenya, and through her career, she has augmented and emboldened the society into a better place. Another guest speaker was Henry Wanyoike.

The last day of the conference, which was on the 23rd February, was a fusion of sensations or rather emotions. Delegates were enthusiastic as well as gloomy, as they knew it was the last day. The Media team, which I was part of, prepared a much-awaited closing video that had everyone’s mood enlightened.

Personally, I regarded this conference and the experience attached to it as a perfect and precise example of what is known as International Education. I experienced social growth, a very important aspect in a young adult’s life. I made friends with all kinds of young people from different backgrounds and demeanor. Working as a Presscorp made me get the drift and understand the working life I am about to join in a few years and I would say that this was the unsurpassed kind of work experience. By Loise (12R)

Braeside High School Updates

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Student Diary

We give each student their own Student Diary. This is a diary for the academic year and provides several useful reference pages. It is also an easy way for you to communicate with staff and for staff to communicate with you. We ask that you continue to check and sign it weekly.

Year 11 IGCSE Mock Results Parents Review

This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 6th February from 4pm to 6pm. All Year 11 parents are invited to attend.

School Uniform

Because of your continued support and co-operation, I am pleased to be able to report that the vast majority of students come to school looking smart and ready to work. I know that these high standards reflect a wider commitment that will enable us to continue establishing a positive learning environment in school.


Last year, behaviour in school was excellent. Thank you to parents for your continued help and support. Nonetheless, maintaining these standards and improving the behaviour of the minority will always be a priority for us. We expect all   students to take responsibility for their own behaviour and be aware of the school’s procedures and expectations. These are clearly set out in our code of conduct. In return, staff offer praise, support and encouragement to students.

Sports Results

The 2018 hockey season has been stunning for Braeside School’s teams with convincing wins for all age group sides. The morale of all the teachers and players is soaring high after 13 competitive goals have been scored within the space of 3 days. 

In addition to their winning performances, Braeside pupils have been commended by the referees for their excellent team behaviour and skills in all their games; this shows that the players representing Braeside understand that whatever they are doing there is also a bigger picture involved. Everyone is hoping they can continue this unbeaten run in their forthcoming fixtures and tournaments. It has been a fantastic week of hockey, with the U13 and U15 teams posting the following excellent results.


 Monday 29 2018

Under 13 Girls Football vs BGR 2-0 (winners Braeside)

Under 15 Girls Hockey vs BGR 2-0 (winners Braeside)

31 Wednesday 2018

Under 13 Girls vs Hillcrest 1-0 (winners Braeside)

February 1 2018

Under 15 Girls vs Hillcrest 1-1



Monday 29 2018

Under 13 vs Hillcrest 1-1 

Under 15 vs Hillcrest 2-1 (winners Hillcrest)

Thursday 25

Under 15 vs St Christopher's Vs Braeside 2-0 winners (Braeside)

 Monday 29 

Under 15 vs BGR 2-2

Mr. Joel Ndungu - Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)