Creche Week 6 Newsletter

17th October 2020

Pop-Corn Poem by Evaleen Stein

Pop! Pop! Poppetty pop!

Shake and rattle and rattle and shake.

The golden grains as they bounce and break.

To fluffy puffiness....Poppetty pop!

Bursting and banging the popper's top!

Poppity Pop! Pop! Pop!

The yellow kernels, oh, see them grow.

White as cotton or flakes of snow!

Pop! Pop!

O-ho, how they frolic and fly about.

And turn themselves suddenly inside out!

Pop-pop-poppity! Pop-pop-pop!

The popper's full and we'll have to stop;

Pile the bowl with the tempting treat,

Children, come, it is time to eat!

Pictures of the week.....

Sanvi at the beach.jpg
Sanvi K. at the beach
Jermaine beach wear.jpg
Jermaine M. in his beach wear
israela popcorn making.jpg
Israela M. making popcorn

Wishing you a restful half term break.

Creche Team