EYFS End of Term 3 2020-21 Newsletter

10th July 2021

Well, here we are again, the end of another EYFS year 2020/2021 and what a year it’s been! Covid-19 continued to bring about a dynamic change that we all had to adjust to positively. The EYFS children transitioned to their new classes embracing their learning with courage, confidence, independence, enthusiasm and were not afraid to make mistakes.

On coming back to physical learning, the children were glad to be back, explore their learning environment as well as interact with their friends and teachers; and continued to make positive relationships.

The last term saw the EYFS children busy as bees with so many fun activities such as Induction morning, Community service and Moving on Celebration. The highlight of the year was our community service activity that saw the children carry out a ‘Bike Rally,’ to put a smile on our dear friend Adia. They brought in their safety gear and bicycles and had so much fun rallying to make the event a success #Cheer up Adia.

To our dear parents and Braestar’s, thank you for making the event a success, upholding us and always being our number one supporter.

Happy holidays and continue to keep safe.

Early Years Team

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