EYFS World Animal Day

14th October 2023

Pets, Plushies (soft animal toys) and Pictures Fuel Love for the Animal Kingdom

On World Animal Day, the Early Years Foundation Stage garden transformed into an animal wonderland, with young learners embarking on an exciting journey of exploration and learning.

Parents and guardians enthusiastically accompanied their little ones, bringing along an array of pets including dogs, turtles, goldfish and lovebirds. The children gleefully introduced their furry, scaly and feathery companions to their classmates, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere.

But the day was not just about live animals as plushies and pictures played a vital role in enhancing the understanding of the animal kingdom. Classrooms were adorned with colourful animal-themed artwork, and budding artists proudly shared their drawings and favourite animal pictures.

Engaging discussions ensued, covering topics like habitats, behaviours and unique characteristics.

World Animal Day offered EYFS children valuable life lessons. Interactions with real pets and discussions about their needs and care imparted empathy, responsibility and compassion. Soft toys and pictures ignited imaginations and nurtured a deep love for animals.

It was evident that World Animal Day had not only been an educational success but also a heartwarming celebration of the bond between children and the creatures that share our world.

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