Foundation Stage 1 & 2 Water Fun Day

14th March 2022

The 2022 Water Fun Day was a particularly special one for our foundation Stage children as for the first time since the impact of the pandemic, parents, guardians and friends were able to show their support and encouragement to the sporting legends at the poolside.

Braestars were also eager to show their skills as well as use their best cheering voices as they watched their peers in amazement. An already exciting morning was made more enjoyable for the children who relished in having their families and friends able to watch them as they took part in various races. The boys and girls took part in water dances, tube race, noodle race, collecting race with sieves, balancing race, treasure hunt and freestyle.

Towards the end of the event, Braestars gathered by the poolside as they eagerly awaited the gifts. All children were crowned victorious for they showed true determination and strived to do their best.

A big well done to all the Braestars!