Foundation Stage 1 Newsletter - Week 9 Term 3

19th June 2021

I am a Cindy Circle, Watch me turn, round and round and you will learn I am not straight and I do not bend, my outside edges never end!

I am a

b,b…. ball b,b….. bouncing, b,b…. baseball, b,b….. beach ball, b,b…. basket ball.

Bounce it, dribble it, kick it, throw it, roll it and catch it.

This week in Foundation stage 1, we explored and learnt about different kinds of balls around us. We realised different activities require a specific type of ball.

Through this activity, we came across various rhyming words such as ball, wall, fall, mall and we got to identify objects that begin with the sound ‘b’.

Our highlight of the week was when we painted our walls with our small beach balls.