Foundation Stage 1 Week 12 Newsletter:Term 2

27th March 2021

“Everything that you Imagine you can do and whatever you dream will come true.”

‘Math’s is Everywhere.’

This week in mathematics, we explored new math’s vocabulary i.e., bigger and smaller number. We started by identifying our age and comparing age difference as some of us are 3 years old and some of us are 4 years old. We were able to identify if we are the same age, older or younger than our friends. We later explored how many objects are there in a set as we counted and grouped some fruits.

In letters and sounds, the children were introduced to my friend metal mike the robot. He helped us understand how to oral blend and segment sounds from words. E.g., cat- c-a-t, sun; s-u-n.

The highlight of the week was when we explored the different sounds our voices can make and the difference in vibration on our throats from the sounds.

Have an awesome weekend!

Foundation Stage 1 Team 😊