Foundation Stage 1 Week 6 Newsletter

17th October 2020

He has terrible tusks, terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws. Who is he?

He has knobby knees, turned-out toes and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose. His eyes are orange, his tongue is black and he has purple prickles all over his back. Who is he?

He is the Gruffalo! Gruffalo! Gruffalo! He’s the Gruffalo! He’s the GRRRRRRRRR………Gruffalo! He’s the Gruffalo!

This week in Foundation Stage 1, the children had lots of fun as they explored the story, 'The Gruffalo'. This engaged us in various activities such as sensory play using natural materials like flour, sand and rice on a tray. We made some Gruffalo crumble, printed our footprints on paper, and made an ice cream shop.

The highlight of the story was when we made a Gruffalo face mask and made his footprints from playdough and pasta.

What a ‘fantabulous’ week!

Picture speak....


Have a restful half term break,

FS1 Team