Foundation Stage 2 Trip to Blue Post Animal Park, Thika

22nd June 2022

During the educational trip to Blue Post Animal Park, our FS2 children were excited to see and learn about the different animals that the park takes care of.

Here are some interesting facts we learnt;

The park has three types of tortoises – pancake, leopard and bell hinge-back

The park exports tortoises to China and other countries

The giant rat is aquatic, which means it lives in water

Porcupines are called nungunungu in Swahili

Crocodiles have a strong jaw and they can keep their mouths open for up to 3 hours. They also have no tongues, which means they cannot taste their food

Syke monkeys like sweets

The guinea fowl has pretty colours

The rock python enjoys a rabbit dinner

The black mamba is poisonous

Ostriches are harmless if left alone

After the animal park tour, the children walked to the Chania falls and enjoyed some free play at the playground. It was a fun-tastic day.

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