Year 1 & 2 Musical Production

19th March 2022

The school play staged by Year 1 and 2 Braestars was such a thrill!

Synopsis: Daisy the cow has a dream, to grow a glorious garden full of flowers, plants, trees, fruits, vegetables and everything. But grumpy Mr. Bull and other cows only want to grow grass for their supper. They give Daisy strict instructions to buy grass seeds at the market. But on her way back, Daisy finds a mysterious seed. Scared of what the other cows might think, she hides it away to grow in secret, but unfortunately nothing happens. Thankfully, wise owl is at hand to show Daisy what seeds need in order to grow. What will grow from the seed? Will the cows come around to Daisy’s Dream? Will Mr. Bull ever Calm Down?

In both the school and the parents' shows, the choreography, singing and acting were executed with much enjoyment and precision. It is such a delight to see our budding thespians back on stage and we expect colourful series of performances in future.