Year 2 Pizza Making Day

6th December 2021

On Monday, 6th December, the bold and brave Year 2s visited the Middle School Food Science Room ready to make pizza after several weeks spent on research, discussions and designing of healthy pizza during the D.T lessons. This linked successfully with the term’s target on Zero Hunger.

The enthusiastic Braestars had so much fun working in pairs as they skillfully rolled the dough and creatively added the toppings to the base. They looked at the dough rising in the oven and wondered why that was so. They were enlightened to know that the yeast added to the dough made it rise while baking. They counted the minutes as the pizza baked.

As the pizza cooled in the trays, they spared some minutes to assess the successful outcome of their work and shared respectful thoughts. Later, in the afternoon, they got to taste the pizza. The happy chatter and smiling faces of the resilient children told it all…They had had a fabulous time!

Mrs. Florence Wachira - Year Group Leader