Year 3 End of Term 2 Newsletter

8th April 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The April holidays began on 31st March! The children welcomed this in style right from the comfort of their own homes. This is because the children shifted to RTL in respect to the COVID-19 directives issued to all schools by the President.

We celebrate the learning that the children are going away with and which we believe they have been able to share with you in your daily conversations. We appreciate the resilient spirit that has shown forth through the Braestars during their academic journey in Year 3. They have taken all the instructions given in good stride and soldiered on to post encouraging results of their work.

We encourage the children to rest which is important for their wellbeing. However, a few tasks that will keep them connected to the concepts they have been taught have been posted in or

We thank you all for attending the virtual Parent-Teacher meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. We appreciate you for taking time to meet with us and hope that the meetings provided useful insight into your child’s progress in school. We appreciate your input and look forward to finishing the year on a high note as we continue to work together.

Learning became easier with your support throughout the term and for this we are very grateful too.


School Opening Date

School opens on 19th April 2021.

Happy Birthday

We celebrate with Gabriel, Fnan and Njamba who turned 8 a few days ago. We wish the Braestars a fantastic 8th year of good health and success in all that they put their hands to do. Happy birthday!

Quote of the Week

‘Don’t count the days. Make the days count.’- Muhammad Ali

Wishing you a most enjoyable April holiday.

The Year 3 Team

Picture speak!.....Out and About with the Year 3s

Manahil and Angel taking a walk in the school field..jpg
Manahil and Angel taking a walk in the school compound
Look for the Treasure-By Christian.jpg
Look for the treasure by Christian
Keya's Easter baskets ready for sharing..png
Keya's Easter baskets ready for sharing
Happy Easter from Ilina!.jpeg
Happy Easter from Ilina
Happy Easter from Anastasia.jpg
Happy Easter from Anastasia
An egg in the Easter basket.jpeg
An egg in an Easter basket
Adam's Courageous Thoughts.jpg
Adam's courageous thoughts