Year 3 Newsletter - Week 2 Term 3

30th April 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This week has seen the children make progress in their learning to meet the following objectives;

MATHS Addition and subtraction
ENGLISH Planning and writing an adventure story
Improve writing using complex and compound sentences
Class Reader: The Hodgeheg
SCIENCE Types of Rocks and their Formation
GEOGRAPHY Identify Mountain Ranges in the World
HISTORY Ancient Greece-Locating Greece in Place

We look forward to next week’s lessons as shared in the summary below;

MATHS Geometry: Properties of 2D and 3D Shapes
ENGLISH Adventure Stories-Discuss characters' feelings and behaviour Weekly Spelling List
SCIENCE Testing Rocks
GEOGRAPHY Types of Mountains and their formation
HISTORY Compare and Contrast the cities of Athens and Sparta


1) Projects

The children have received the first set of instructions and have begun thinking about the topic they would like to focus on. Kindly encourage your children to spend some time this weekend to complete part of the project.

2) Happy Birthday

We celebrate with Jayden M., Juguna M., Christian M. and Yudish W. who turned 8 this last week of April. We wish the Braestars a fantastic 8th year of good health and success in all that they put their hands to do. Happy birthday!

Quote of the Week

‘Without school it’s really hard to know what day of the week it is' - Anon

Picture speak....

Adam caught reading.jpg
Adam caught reading
Anastasia reading more about animals.jpg
Anastasia reading more about animals
David and Mr. Lion caught reading!.jpg
David caught reading
Gabriel reading 'Raccoon Rampage.'.jpeg
Gabriel reading 'Raccoon Rampage'
Teddy enjoying his latest read.jpg
Tewodros enjoying his latest read
Yudish reading Harry Porter.jpg
Yudish reading 'Harry Porter'
Sekina loves reading.png
Sekina loves reading

Wishing you a successful week ahead,

The Year 3 Team