Year 3 Newsletter - Week 3 Term 3

7th May 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The third week comes to a close today. After several weeks of Google Meet as our online learning platform, we transition to the physical school to continue face-to-face learning.

We say a ‘Big Thank You’ for your patience and the support you have given your child in making his/her learning possible while at home.


1) Allow your child to come with a laptop every Monday.

2) Remind your child to return the Maths textbook, ‘Busy Ants Pupil Book 3B’ on Monday so as to receive a copy of the textbook we are using this term.

3) Supply your child with all stationery and label any item your child wears or uses during learning in school.


We have started receiving the children’s History projects. Kindly note the deadline for submission of the project is fast approaching on the 19th of May 2021. Thereafter the children will receive instructions for the next project.

Our Learning Focus Next Week

English Letter Writing
Mathematics. Multiplication and Division
Geography Parts of a Volcano
History The ancient Greek Soldier
Science Fossilisation

Happy Birthday

We celebrate with David O. and Tresor K. who turned 8 this first week of May. We wish the Braestars a fantastic 8th year of good health and success in all that they put their hands to do. Happy birthday!

Quote of the Week

'No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted'-Aesop

Wishing you a most enjoyable weekend,

Year 3 Team

Picture speak.....

David enjoying swimming.jpg
David enjoying swimming
Gabriel watering his vegetables.jpeg
Gabriel watering his vegetables