Year 3 Newsletter Week 7

16th October 2021

The first half of the term has come to a successful end. We are proud of the children’s settling in and working hard to achieve various set targets. We congratulate them for their resilience, readiness to learn and whole hearted participation.

As we break for half term, we take this opportunity to truly thank parents for the support that has seen the children grow and adjust to KS2. Your partnership is valued.

What did the children have to say about the trip to ‘Mlango farm?

“We were in the bus on the road. Then I saw pillars on Waiyaki way. We used Ring road Westlands -Redhill after the fly over”. David W

“I enjoyed the trip even though it was far. I liked the farm very much. It was very big. I liked the rosemary’s smell and the mint’s smell. I liked learning about the crops and what they are mostly used for.” Aden S

“My trip to Mlango farm was awesome. We fed a horse and donkey. We found a slide and the owners of the farm helped us. I liked the farm”. Joshua N

“What I liked about Mlango farm is when I went to see the plants and touch the horse and the donkey. My favourite horse was diamond and my second favourite was waterboy”. Sherlene M 

“The farm was great. We got to see almost all the farm animals. We had lunch on the farm and the food was superb.” Alakara A

“When we reached Mlango farm, we sat and ate a snack. Then we went hiking and saw animals”. Idroses S

“When I went to Mlango farm, I saw a lot of animals. I had so much fun. There was also a playground”. Maya N

“At the farm I saw red spinach, red cabbage, horses and irrigation taking place. There was matoke and green cabbage. Our teacher was called Ms Mercy. She showed us everything on the farm. It was so much fun.” Benson N 

Wishing all a fun filled half term break!