Year 4 Newsletter Week 2

11th September 2021

The second week has quickly gone by. The children are settling in well and are getting used to the routine. Thank you for providing all the stationery they need and ensuring that all the homework tasks are done on time.

The student council campaigns are underway. The children have made impressive posters to try and convince classmates to vote for them. The elections will be held on Wednesday next week. It is not too late for an interested candidate to join in the race.

The children are learning to play the ukulele during the music lessons. Kindly buy for your child a plectrum or send them with a one shilling coin that will be used for strumming. The coin or plectrum should be kept in the pencil case.

For Your Planner

Monday, 13th September: 4 Parents’ Meeting

Wednesday, 15th September: Student Council Elections

Friday, 17th September: School Student Council Inauguration