Year 5 and 6 Celebration Evening

2nd December 2021

The celebration was a fantastic showcase of the many talents in our school, and also great teamwork between the students and staff. This year’s theme, ‘Let it be Christmas’ , was inspired by the song with the same title and the performance was the grand finale.

Each class had a special song to present and they did it with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. Dancers put up an entertaining performance. Narrators were not left behind either; they were articulate as they told the Christmas story with ease, leaving the audience in suspense; wondering how the story will end. It was wonderful to see the Braestars perform to such an exceptionally high standard. The children's costumes made the stage colourful and bright as Braestars brought the Christmas mood to one and all. It was great to see so many families attend and support their children; indeed we have an awesome community!

The student council this year led us in giving back to the community by partnering with CITAM Childrens’ Center based in Kiserian. The center was established with the aim of empowering and bringing hope to the less fortunate children in the society as well as rehabilitating street children. It has a current population of close to 200 children who depend on donations and church support.

In keeping with our focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically Goal 2, Zero Hunger, we provided gardening implements to be used towards sustaining food production at the Center.

Ms J. Beauttah - Music & Performing Arts Curriculum Leader

music 2.jpeg
music 3.jpeg
music 4.jpeg
Our Student Council representative extending gardening equipment to 4k Club Members of CITAM Kiserian Children's Home