Year 5 Newsletter Week 2

11th September 2021

Year 5 students have settled in well and are enjoying learning new things. We are happy to receive your commendations, suggestions and recommendations about your child’s progress. You are warmly invited to the Year 5 parents meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 15th September 2021 at 4pm in the school theatre.

What the children have been up to………!

English lesson: Pupils presenting their instructional write ups.

English 1.jpg
English Pic 3.jpg
English pic 4.jpg

Reading Lesson; We encourage pupils to read for at least 20 minutes a day.

Library 3.jpg

Prefects Selection; Prefects applications were received from the below students by end of day 3rd September 2021. We thank all the boys and girls for putting themselves out to lead.

Cindy Riley Neema Tumi

Judith Zuri Kanina Rahaf

Talia Hawi Pavel Alma

Areej Washington Maxine

Birthdays; Happy birthday to Jordan, Nathan and Maxine. An adventurous year awaits you and to celebrate your birthday, we wish you joy, peace and splendor.

Birthday photos.jpg

Coming up...

Student council Selection; Pupils who are interested in becoming student council are free to campaign for the positions in the coming week.