Year 6 Newsletter Week 7

16th October 2021

We are happy to have had a busy first half of term. The students have enjoyed every moment as they were actively involved in and out of class. A big thank you to parents for the support accorded so far.

Midterm Tests

These were concluded this week. Most papers have been given back to the students. We encourage parents to ensure that students do the necessary corrections and sets targets for the end of term tests.


It has been noted that most students have lost their stationery. Parents, kindly replenish these to avoid inconveniences during lessons.

Educational trip

Parents, please go through the checklist given and ensure that your child has all the required items. If your child is under any medication, please pack it as well and inform the class teacher.

A glimpse of learning this week...

Subject Coverage
Mathematics Midterm tests and corrections
English Midterm tests and corrections
Science Plant Kingdom; Recording data and results using tables and graphs
Geography Map symbols; Compass directions
History Mary I

Final word

We wish all a restful half term break and look forward to seeing the children back on Monday, 25th October 2021 when the second half of the term begins.

Year 6 Team

Wavinya showcasing her piano playing skills during our assembly.jpg
Zoya showcasing her piano playing skills during our assemblyjpg.jpg